Kansas site signs key recruits to staff

Kansas joins the Insiders network, dragging an assortment of writers and commentators with it.

Last week Julie Jamison Kansas took steps to launch KU site on the Insiders network, hitting the recruiting trail and securing commitments from an assortment of highly ranked and unknown talent. The Insiders site has recruited a stable of writers designed to challenge and infiltrate the Internet sports community.

Keith St. John will be contributing editorial columns on a wide variety of subjects. Some of them may even relate to Kansas athletics. Keith is still paying back the University of Kansas for his journalism degree he earned many, many years ago. Currently, Keith is Director of Creative Services and an on-air talent for Lazer 105.9 and ESPN Radio 1320 KLWN in Lawrence.

"I'm writing for Inside Kansas for one simple reason: Chicks dig guys who know how not to dangle a participle; it's as simple as that," said St. John.

Jim Williamson brings both a lifetime passion for Jayhawk sports and literally hours of writing experience to Inside Kansas. Jim also holds a journalism degree from KU and a master's in an undisclosed subject. Jim will contribute ongoing commentary on Kansas football in his "Jim and the Fat Man" series as well as other columns. He is married with two sons, two cats and a beautiful house overlooking a vast, expansive mortgage near Lawrence.

The Kansas site also secured a verbal commitment from fourth year journalism student Tad Schurtz. Tad will examine Kansas athletics from a student's perspective in a series of thought provoking and tequila induced essays.

"I was born and raised in L-Town, and I now attend the University of Kansas. Some might say that I was a fated-Jayhawk, but I'd like to think I'd have picked a crimson and blue lifestyle," said Schurtz. "I am also pretty good with commas."

With the three commitments above this recruiting class looked solid. However, Jamison felt it was imperative to secure a smart ass lawyer for the staff. Meet Max Reiper.

Reiper is a law student at KU. His life goals include achieving nirvana through inner peace and consuming every beer at Barley's Brewhaus. Reiper recently launched his own website, The Barbecue Pit, which parodies Kansas City area sports. Reiper will primarily contribute to the soon-to-be-infamous Mock Chalk saga.

This rag tag crew of dreamers is loosely organized by administrator and contributing writer Julie Jamison. While attending KU, Jamison supplemented her meager income by hustling pool at the Hawk. Jamison is a freelance writer, which is a polite way of saying her last boss fired her lazy ass. Her work has appeared in Early Childhood News, School Library Journal, Bust Magazine and Hustler. Jamison's claim to fame is a short lived stint as a commentator for NPR's All Things Considered.

"Our goals for Insider Kansas are simple. We want to provide a variety of KU sports information and opinions in colorful and provocative ways," said Jamison.

"Once the reader is hooked on the whimsical yet eerily accurate antics we will then exploit this user base for personal and professional gain. We will use them up and they will like it."

Jamison will act as a contributing writer and ineptly cover hoops recruiting, as soon as the restraining orders are lifted.

Dave Telep fills the slot of national hoops recruiting analyst. He will be backed up by Volball.com owner and analyst Jeff Markman. The site has also obtained tentative verbals from a variety of other gurus and pledges to assemble a commando recruiting outfit that will impress the most jaded recruitnik junkie. Football recruiting is covered at the national level by Jamie Newberg and Big 12 specialist David Garvin.

Former Kansas football player Joey Parker will make cameos as a guest columnist, as will former basketball player Brett Ballard. But the site still has available scholarships.

"We can not comment on our recruiting targets, but plan to round out this class with playahs that will take Phogdot...err...this unnamed site to the top of its game," said Jamison.

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