Wilson Re-Evaluating Schools

As one of the more intriguing basketball prospects in the class of 2009, Jamil Wilson has learned that expectations are high each time he takes the court. The 6-7 WF from Racine (WI) Horlick also knows that if he really wants to be among the nation's elite, he's got to step up his game in crunch time.

“I think probably the biggest thing I’ve worked on is my mental toughness,” said Jamil Wilson. “I always want to be either the first one in the gym or the last one out. I really want to be that player now in the clutch.”

Blessed with abundant athleticism and a long frame, Wilson has often split his time between the wing and the power forward position. While he can rebound and score on the interior, he thinks the wing is where he’ll be playing in college and it’s pretty clear that he enjoys playing out on the perimeter.

“It’s exhilarating out there, it’s a hell of an adrenaline rush,” said Wilson of playing on the wing. “You’re out there running, doing this and doing that and you never stop moving. When you play the four man, you are usually with a big sluggish guy and dudes are bumping and battling all day.”

That being said, Wilson realizes that his perimeter game still needs some polish. He’s a good spot up shooter who has a much improved handle, but he’s still looking to be a bit more consistent with his shooting.

“shooting over defenders is really important and I want to get that consistent,” said Wilson. “I need to be able to come off of the screen or go down and shoot off the dribble with a consistent shot.”

On the recruiting front, Wilson has been hearing from schools from across the country. Among those he’s heard from are Marquette, Wisconsin, Memphis, Duke, Michigan State, Georgetown and Texas. At one time, Wilson had also listed Kansas as a school that he would like to visit officially.

According to Wilson, there’s some interest, but he may have jumped the gun in stating that he’d be visiting Lawrence -- or any other school for that matter -- because he’s still a little unsure of the Jayhawks interest level and what he really wants.

“Kansas has been recruiting me, but they haven’t been as involved recently,” Wilson told Phog.Net. “Mailwise I get two or three pieces of mail every day but they haven’t been calling or coming up to watch.  I’m pretty sure they will be watching me soon, but I don’t know.”

As he approaches the end of his junior year of high school, Wilson says that he’ll try to cut his list down to 10 or 15 schools heading into July. After that he’ll be paying close attention to who is watching him the most in July before deciding the five schools that he wants to visit. He also says that he’s going to be a bit more careful about what he says to reporters from here on out to avoid any confusion about what he is or isn’t thinking.

“I’m pretty sure that I’m going to visit Michigan State, Korie (Lucious) and Delvon (Roe) have been pushing that. The other four, I had them set but they were looking a little shaky so I’m going to research that other four after July,” said Wilson. “I’m not really leaning anywhere or leaking anything right now. You’ve got to be careful what you say these days. The guys calling you try to get you to say some things that maybe you don’t really mean.”

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