Patmon is Finished

Tyler Patmon, cornerback from Cedar Park-Vista Ridge, Texas, is one of three commitments for the Kansas Jayhawks from the Lone Star State. Patmon talked in-depth about the reasons for his college selection.

"I am committed to KU," said Tyler Patmon. "They were one of my first offers. I received an offer from Iowa State as well. I took a visit to KU to visit with the coaches. It just seemed like a great opportunity."

"The visit to KU was very nice. It's a small town where you can't get into any trouble. They have new facilities being built. They are going to be very nice."

"I think KU has a very good coaching staff from where they have been and where they are now. I think they have a great staff. Coach [Steve] Tovar was my recruiting coach. He is a very cool, laid back and funny guy. He is a big guy. He played at Ohio State as a linebacker."

"Coach [Mark] Mangino is very cool and very truthful. He is not going to lie to you. He said they don't go for guys with the big names and five-stars. They are going to go for the guys they feel like are the best players. They want to give everyone the same opportunity."

"They recruited me to play cornerback. I am 5-foot-11, 165-pounds. I love the opportunity. It can't get any better after they had a guy go in the NFL draft [Aqib Talib]. I have big shoes to fill, but I think I can do it."

The talented prospect was named first team All-District on a team that finished 3-7.

"My biggest strength is covering," Patmon said. "I can play man-to-man. I am football smart. I know what's coming. I know what the receiver is thinking. I know how to cover the guy and not let him get me with head fakes. People say I am very physical with tackling."

"I am trying to get bigger and faster. I want to work on better tackling form. I try to work on that every summer. That's about it."

Patmon plans to relax with no other plans for visits.

"I am finished," he said. "I don't plan on going to any camps or anything. I may go up to Kansas a couple of times. That is it for me." Top Stories