2010 Intro - Doron Lamb

Most high school kids spend their summers relaxing with friends at the pool, roaming around malls or making some extra cash with a part time job. For a high school hoops star, though, things are a bit different. Summers are filled with camps, travel across the country and games against other high level opponents.

One of those guys who is currently playing at the highest of levels is Doron Lamb of Brooklyn (NY) Bishop Loughlin. The 6-4 guard from the class of 2010 has been busy with his club team the New York Gauchos and spent last week lighting up the highly competitive NBPA Top 100 camp.

“I think that I’ve been doing pretty good,” said Lamb. “I got on a really good team with guys like Kenny Boynton and Brandon Knight out there so that makes things a little easier.”

While his team fell in the camp’s championship tilt, the confident New Yorker said that he enjoys the competition. In fact, he seeks it out as much as possible.

“I like competition. That’s the whole reason I’m out here,” said Lamb. “I want to get in some good games and make my game better. I like to play against the best kids from around the country and see how my game stands up.”

Even though it’s important to him to stack up well with and be better than those he’s facing, Lamb is careful to point out that it’s not about being ranked the top guy.

“I don’t care about rankings at all,” Lamb told Phog.Net. “I just play my game, rankings don’t mean anything to me.”

Beginning on June 15th, college coaches were allowed to call Lamb for the first time. Not surprisingly, the potential Big Timer’s phone has been ringing off the hook. He’s field calls from places like Syracuse, Miami, Marquette, Georgia Tech, Providence, Rutgers, Seton Hall, Florida and many others including the reigning national champions.

“It’s been crazy since Sunday. I think at least something like 25 schools have called to talk to me,” said Lamb. “Kansas called me right before I came to camp. I can’t remember if it was Monday or Tuesday but I got a call from one of their coaches, Coach Dooley.”

While he’s seen the Jayhawks on television enough to get a feel for the way Bill Self’s program plays, Lamb also counts a former Jayhawk as a friend.

“I know that they won it all and I know Russell Robinson too,” said Lamb of Kansas. “He says that they’ve got a good system for guards and that he really liked playing out there.”

Although the attention from college coaches and recruiting websites has been enjoyable, Lamb says that he’s still got so much going on that he hasn’t even begun to start narrowing down a list of favorites. He’s got the Steve Nash point guard skills academy later on this week, will head to the LeBron James Academy in July, has stops with his travel team the New York Gauchos and has to make up his mind on whether or not he’ll make a rumored transfer to mighty Mouth of Wilson (VA) Oak Hill for his final two seasons of high school.

After all of that, maybe, Lamb will be able to start sorting things out. But with two years to go he’s in no rush and says that when he does narrow things down it will be a family decision.

“It’s going to be me and my parents decision, that’s it,” said Lamb. “They give me really good advice and I know that they want what’s best for me.”

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