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As the summer rolls on, some new names have started to pop up on the Kansas radar. Last week at the NBPA top 100 Camp in Charlottesville, VA, six-foot-nine inch power forward Dante Taylor from Fort Washington (MD) National Christian confirmed that Kansas has recently gotten involved. Phog.Net was on hand to speak with Taylor about his game and his recruitment.

A fiery competitor, Taylor said that he enjoys the opportunity playing in elite level camps provides him.

“I pretty much come in looking to outplay anybody who they’ve got in front of me,” said Taylor of his approach. “I feel like I can play better than any dude that they put in front of me. But, I try to do it in a smart way and not just get all crazy.”

A fine athlete with a great frame, he’s got the quickness and explosion to go around and over others in the low post. However, he doesn’t want to label of being just a low post athlete and is working hard to round out his game before making it to college.

“I’ve been working on  my jump shot to the free throw line,” Taylor told Phog.Net. “Ideally I can be used as a face up four in college. I know my strengths and weaknesses, I’m not trying to be a three.”

With attention from schools all across the country, Taylor’s current list does feature a heavy East Coast flavor. He says that Pittsburgh has been the most aggressive while others like Georgetown, Maryland, Syracuse, Florida, Memphis and Connecticut have been involved. Other showing interest have included Southern California and Tennessee while Bill Self’s Jayhawks just recently threw their hat in the ring.

“It was probably like a couple of weeks ago that I started getting calls from them,” said Taylor of Kansas. “Coach Self has called. They haven’t offered me a scholarship yet that I know of.”

Considering that they are new to his recruitment, Taylor admits that he doesn’t yet know a lot about the Kansas program. However, he has noticed some things from watching them on television

“From me watching them on television I know that they all play hard,” said Taylor. “They all give what they’ve got on the floor from the beginning to the end.”

So, as he looks towards the end of the summer and narrowing things down, the more important questions are whether or not Taylor is willing to leave the East Coast and if a school who jumped on him late could make up enough ground to land him.

“I’m willing to go like away from home, but I don’t want to go too, too far away from my support,” said Taylor. “It’s possible for me to consider a school that got involved in late. If they didn’t know about me and they are just finding out about me, as long as they are showing me a bunch of interest and being serious about it then I’ll look into them.”

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