eBoss Hoops Pre-Summer 2009 Top 100

Here we are on the first of July. That means that all hell is about to break loose in the recruiting world when the July open evaluation period starts on Sunday. With that in mind, this seemed like the perfect time to go ahead and take a crack at ranking a top 100 in the class of 2009.

A month ago, it seemed as if Xavier Henry was poised to take over the top spot from incumbent Derrick Favors but injuries have prevented the Oklahoma star from competing at full strength and showing what he’s fully capable of. On the other side, Favors has come on strong lately to hold onto his spot. However, the gap is still pretty slim and it might even be more appropriate to look at them as co # 1’s at this point in time.

As always, the rankings come with a huge disclaimer because there is no magical formula that can be used to rank them. This is just one man’s opinion of the players he’s seen and it’s based on a combination of both high school and summer production, future potential and how ready a player is for college. As usual, these are done for fun and to spark a little conversation so please take them -- and any other rankings -- for what they are, an opinion.

An initial top 50 for the class of 2010 and 25 to keep an eye on from 2011 will hopefully be ready to roll by week’s end.


1.    Derrick Favors, 6-9 C/BF, Atlanta (GA) South
2.    Xavier Henry, 6-6 WG, Warr Acres (OK) Putnam City
3.    Lance Stephenson, 6-5 WG, Brooklyn (NY) Lincoln
4.    DeMarcus Cousins, 6-10 C, Mobile (AL) LeFlore- UAB
5.    Renardo Sidney, 6-9 BF/C, Los Angeles (CA) Fairfax
6.    John Henson, 6-9 BF, Round Rock (TX) High- NORTH CAROLINA
7.    John Wall, 6-2 PG/WG, Raleigh (NC) Word of God
8.    Abdul Gaddy, 6-2 PG, Tacoma (WA) Bellarmine Prep
9.    Dominic Cheek, 6-7 WF, Jersey City (NJ) St. Anthony
10.    Kenny Boynton, 6-2 WG, Plantation (FL) American Heritage
11.    Jordan Hamilton, 6-7 WF, Compton (CA) Dominguez
12.    Mason Plumlee, 6-10 BF, Arden (NC) Christ School- DUKE
13.    Dexter Strickland, 6-4 WG, Elizabeth (NJ) St. Patrick- NORTH CAROLINA
14.    Hollis Thompson, 6-7 WF, Los Angeles (CA) Loyola- GEORGETOWN
15.    Jamil Wilson, 6-7 WF, Racine (WI) Horlick
16.    Wally Judge, 6-8 BF, Arlington (FL) Country Day- KANSAS STATE
17.    Elijah Johnson, 6-2 PG/WG, North Las Vegas (NV) Cheyenne
18.    Daniel Orton, 6-9 C, Oklahoma City (OK) Bishop McGuiness
19.    Noel Johnson, 6-6 WF, Fayetteville (GA) Fayette County
20.    Dante Taylor, 6-8 BF, Fort Washington (MD) National Christian
21.    Alex Oriakhi, 6-9 C, Tilton (MA) School- CONNECTICUT
22.    Michael Snaer, 6-5 WG, Moreno Valley (CA) Rancho Verde
23.    Isaiah Armwood, 6-8 BF, Rockville (MD) Montrose Christian
24.    Karron Johnson, 6-7 BF, Durham (NC) Mt. Zion
25.    Eric Murphy, 6-9 BF, Southborough (MA) St. Mark’s- FLORIDA
26.    Ryan Kelly, 6-9 BF, Raleigh (NC) Ravenscroft
27.    Avery Bradley, 6-2 WG, Tacoma (WA) Bellarmine Prep
28.    Keith Gallon, 6-8 C, Mouth of Wilson (VA) Oak Hill
29.    Maalik Wayns, 6-0 PG, Philadelphia (PA) Roman Catholic- VILLANOVA
30.    Brandon Paul, 6-2 WG, Gurnee (IL) Warren Township- ILLINOIS
31.    Lorenzo Brown, 6-4 WG/PG, Roswell (GA) Centennial
32.    Milton Jennings, 6-9 BF, Summerville (SC) Pinewood Prep- CLEMSON
33.    Rodney Williams, 6-5 WF/WG, New Hope (MN) Robbinsdale Cooper
34.    Tommy Mason-Griffin, 5-10 PG, Mouth of Wilson (VA) Oak Hill
35.    Mfon Udofia, 6-1 PG/WG, Lithonia (GA) Miller Grove
36.    Leslie McDonald, 6-3 WG, Memphis (TN) Briarcrest- NORTH CAROLINA
37.    Royce White, 6-7 BF/WF, Minnetonka (MN) Hopkins- MINNESOTA
38.    Tristan Spurlock, 6-6 WF, Rockville (MD) Montrose Christian
39.    David Wear, 6-9 BF, Santa Ana (CA) Mater Dei- NORTH CAROLINA
40.    Lakeem Jackson, 6-5 WF, Arden (NC) Christ School
41.    Durand Scott, 6-4 WG/WF, Manhattan (NY) Rice
42.    Terrell Vinson, 6-7 BF/WF, Rockville (MD) Montrose Christian
43.    Erik Williams, 6-7 WF/BF, Cypress (TX) Cypress Springs- MARQUETTE
44.    Reeves Nelson, 6-7 BF, Modesto (CA) Christian- UCLA
45.    Greg Smith, 6-8 C, Vallejo (CA) Bethel- ARIZONA
46.    Travis Wear, 6-9 BF, Santa Ana (CA) Mater Dei- NORTH CAROLINA
47.    Glen Rice Jr., 6-5 WG/WF, Marietta (GA) Walton
48.    Deshawn Painter, 6-9 C/BF, Chatham (VA) Hargrave- FLORIDA
49.    Brendan Lane, 6-8 BF, Rocklin (CA) High- UCLA
50.    Christian Watford, 6-8 WF/BF, Birmingham (AL) Shades Valley
51.    Peyton Siva, 5-11 PG, Seattle (WA) Franklin- LOUISVILLE
52.    Kenny Hall, 6-8 BF, Stone Mountain (GA) Redan- TENNESSEE
53.    Ari Stewart, 6-6 WF, Marietta (GA) Wheeler
54.    Nolan Dennis, 6-4 WG, Richland Hills (TX) Richland
55.    Kyryl Natyazhko, 6-10, C,Bradenton (FL) IMG
56.    Roger Franklin, 6-5 WF/BF, Duncanville (TX) High
57.    Cory Jefferson, 6-9 C, Killeen (TX) High- BAYLOR
58.    Tyler Griffey, 6-9 BF, Wildwood (MO) Lafayette- ILLINOIS
59.    Shawn Williams, 6-6 WF/WG, Duncanville (TX) High
60.    Victor Rudd, 6-8 BF/WF, Van Nuys (CA) High
61.    Michael Dixon, 6-0 PG, Lee’s Summit (MO) West
62.    Johnnie Lacy, 5-10 PG, Milwaukee (WI) Bay View
63.    Chris Braswell, 6-9, BF/C, Chatham (VA) Hargrave Military- GEORGETOWN
64.    Jon Hood, 6-6 WF, Madisonville (KY) North Hopkins- KENTUCKY
65.    D.J. Richardson, 6-3, WG, Peoria (IL) Central- ILLINOIS
66.    Mouptaou Tarou, 6-9, C, Woodstock (VA) Massanutten    
67.    Ricardo Ratliffe, 6-8 BF, New Hampton (NH) Prep
68.    Stephan Van Treese, 6-8 BF, Indianapolis (IN) Lawrence North
69.    Marshawn Powell, 6-7 BF, Charlottesville (VA) Miller School- ARKANSAS
70.    DaShonte Riley, 6-11 C, Beverly Hills (MI) Detroit Country Day- G’TOWN
71.    James Still, 6-9 C/BF, Detroit (MI) Community
72.    Terrence Boyd, 6-5 WF, Norman (OK) High
73.    Donnavan Kirk, 6-8 BF, Beverly Hills (MI) Detroit Country Day- MIAMI
74.    Mike Moser, 6-7, BF/WF, Portland (OR) Grant
75.    Chris Colvin, 6-2 PG/WG, Chicago (IL) Whitney Young
76.    Aaric Murray, 6-9, C, Concordville (PA) Glen Mills    
77.    Kourtney Roberson, 6-8 BF, Arcadia (LA) High- TEXAS A&M
78.    Rakeem Buckles, 6-7 BF, Opa Locka (FL) Pace- LOUISVILLE
79.    Roberto Nelson, 6-3 WG, Santa Barbara (CA) High
80.    Jared Cunningham, 6-2 WG/PG, San Leandro (CA) High- ARIZONA STATE
81.    Jamal Coombs-McDaniel, 6-6, WF/BF, Tilton (NH) School-CONNECTICUT
82.    Garrick Sherman, 6-9 C, Kenton (OH) High- MICHIGAN STATE
83.    Richard Howell, 6-7 BF, Lawrenceville (GA) Central Gwinnett
84.    Devin Booker, 6-8 BF, Union (SC) High- CLEMSON
85.    Kyle Hardrick, 6-8 C, Norman (OK) High- OKLAHOMA
86.    Tevin Baskin, 6-7 BF, Stamford (CT) Trinity Catholic
87.    Anthony Stover, 6-9 C, La Canada (CA) Renaissance Academy
88.    Terrance Shannon, 6-6 BF, Forsyth (GA) Mary Persons
89.    Kevin Parrom, 6-6, WF, South Kent (NY) Prep
90.    Naji Hibbert, 6-4, WG, Hyattsville (MD) DeMatha Catholic-TEXAS A&M
91.    Reggie Buckner, 6-8, BF, Memphis (TN) Manassas
92.    Clarence Trent, 6-7 BF, Henderson (NV) Findlay Prep
93.    Andre Malone, 6-5 WF/WG, College Park (GA) North Clayton- AUBURN
94.    Junior Cadougan, 6-0 PG, Humble (TX) Christian Life
95.    Darius Smith, 6-1, PG, Chicago (IL) Marshall
96.    Jordan Hulls, 6-0, PG, Bloomington (IN) South- INDIANA
97.    Anthony Borden, 6-8 BF, West Memphis (AR) High
98.    Dalton Pepper, 6-4 WG, Fairless Hills (PA) Pennsbury
99.    Eric Bledsoe, 6-0, PG, Birmingham (AL) Parker
    100. Nick Russell, 6-5 WG/PG, Arlington (TX) Grace Prep

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