LeBron Skills Academy Afternoon Update

After spending Sunday in Cincinnati , it was time to move north through the state of Ohio to Akron for the LeBron James Skills Academy . The shift from one shoe company (Adidas) to another (Nike) and from a tournament to a camp setting was seamless.

There was no shortage of potential Kansas targets on the floor and head coach Bill Self and assistant Kurtis Townsend were both on hand eyeing targets.


Xavier Henry - Clearly lacking some of his usual explosion due to a still healing ankle injury, Henry is probably only operating at about 75 or 80%. Still, an unhealthy Henry is still superior to 99% of the prospects out there and he didn’t disappoint. More than anything, he really got on the glass and was looking to take the ball and push it up the floor. His rebound in traffic where he spun full speed through a potential trap at halfcourt and then sped to the basket for a conversion was easily one of the most impressive plays of the afternoon session. Sitting next to each other watching every move were the chief combatants in his recruiting war, Bill Self and John Calipari.
Daniel Orton - Also working off an ankle injury, Orton caught the ball and beasted Baltimore native Andrew Fitzgerald for a couple of quick dunks. Then, the 6-9 260 pounder called it an afternoon to rest his ankle.
Jordan Hamilton - With his team riddled by injuries and lacking in ball handlers, Hamilton tried his hand at running the point and experienced some success. He was in his comfort zone pulling up off the dribble for pure jumpers or getting to the rim for tough finishes in traffic. He continues to play like a legitimate top 15 prospect in the country.
John Wall - Between the lane lines, there’s not a faster North and South guy in the country. Not only is he fast, he’s quite physical and has loads of bounce off the floor. His ability to cover mass amounts of floor space in just a few steps is pretty special and he’s an undeniable talent. Defenders are really starting to dare him to shoot jumpers and he’s taking them with mild success.
Harrison Barnes - It was a slow start for one of the fastest rising prospects in the country but he came on late. His smooth jumper is pure to at least 21 feet, he’s got the explosion to get off the floor and finish with dunks in transition and is a fine defender. A team player who really seems to be enjoying the entire LeBron experience.
Dante Taylor - Other than his name being misspelled in the camp program, things couldn’t be going much better for Taylor . Matched up across from DeMarcus Cousins, Taylor countered Cousins strength and long arms with a lightning quick first step and explosive moves to the basket. When he didn’t finish, he stuck with his shot and often converted his own misses into buckets. His ability to cover a lot of ground with a shot fake and a dribble is something that other big men have difficulty with. Finally, he mixed in a couple of mid range jumpers just for good measure.

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