Henry Feeling the Pressure (Part I)

For a while, Xavier Henry was steadfast in maintaining that he wouldn't make a decision until the fall. However, just recently the six-foot-six inch wing from Warr Acre (OK) Putnam City had a short term change of heart and came close to offering up a commitment.

The potential number one player in the class of 2009 sat down with Phog.Net and cleared up exactly what happened.

“Somebody heard that I was committing to one of the schools this week after camp and when I was asked about it I said it was a rumor which it kind of was,” said Xavier Henry. “Now I’m for sure waiting until after I take my official visits.”

While he says that the exact date of when he was going to give a commitment was a rumor, Henry also admitted that he was pretty sure he knew where he wanted to go. At least for a short period of time.

“I talked to my dad and he was like do you know where you want to go and I thought I did,” Henry told Phog.Net. “Then I was like I might as well commit and get it done. But, then I was like I really don’t know where I’m going to go so I didn’t do it.”

Asked if he’d reveal which school it was that he was going to commit to, Henry simply flashed his trademark smile and offered up a no comment. Instead, he reiterated what most have known for a while about his school list.

“Kansas and Memphis are kind of tied in front,” said Henry. “I’ve just got to see UCLA and Texas.”

One of the premier players in the country, Henry also maintains that he’s not really watching to see if schools have taken or are going to take other players who play a similar position to his. He’s too confident in his own game to be worried much about anybody else.

“I’m not really worried about who is going elsewhere,” said Henry. “It’s really more about the college and not about who else they are taking. That doesn’t have anything to do with me.”

Perhaps the biggest change that Henry has noticed is the vigor with which schools are now recruiting him. They’ve always been on him tough, but each program has taken things to a new level and he’s started to feel some pressure.

“Yeah, I do feel the pressure a little bit because they’ve started turning it up a bit when I talk to coaches,” said Henry. “They want to know more and a lot about how I feel. When I’m not really sure, the pressure is on me. They talk a lot and you’ve got to understand that it’s their job. You’ve got to deal with it and think for yourself.

“You expect it to happen. But I wasn’t expecting it so soon and so heavy. I thought I was getting recruited hard before, but it’s been different.”

To be continued in Part Two of this interview...

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