Henry Feeling the Pressure (Part II)

Part II of Eric Bossi's interview with Xavier Henry.

At the LeBron James Skills Academy, Henry has also been looking to come back from a stress fracture in his foot. He doesn’t show any signs of pain on the floor and never limps or uses his injury as an excuse, but he did admit he’s hurting a bit.

“It’s killing me to tell you the truth,” said Henry of his foot. “I got a shot in it a week ago and they’ve drained all of the fluid out of it. This is like my first time playing in a month and a half so it hurts.”

Why exactly come back so early then?

“I just love the game, I can’t stay away from it,” said Henry. “Even when the doctors told me not to play I’d go play and it made it worse. I want to be the number one player in the country and if it means I have to try and do it on one foot then I will.”

Even though he hadn’t played for a month and half or so leading up to camp, Henry does feel he’s stayed in good shape.

“I’ve stayed on the bike so my cardio is real good, I just can’t elevate like I used to,” said Henry. “My explosiveness isn’t there but when I get it back it will be crazy.”

One of the biggest discussion at camp has been Henry’s thickly muscled frame.

“I have a personal trainer and we’ve been lifting three times a week,” said Henry of his buffed up frame. “It’s been crazy lifting and I’m going to go back to him when I get back home and stuff. I’m going to make sure that I’m physically fit for college. They always say that they are bigger, quicker and faster in college and I want to be like them as soon as I get in.”

At the same time, Henry is also being careful to not get too hulked up.

“I’d like to stay about the same weight or even drop a little weight,’ said the 214 pounder. “I just want to stay cut, thin and strong. I don’t want to get too bulky because it will turn me into a robot.”

Finally, the easy going Oklahoma native is looking forward to finishing out July strong and mentioned that he was starting to feel like himself again after Monday night’s session. When he gets back home after July, though, it will be back to thinking about college.

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