Jayhawks Lead For McCallum

The month of July has become quite important to the basketball lives of high schoolers. For Ray McCallum Jr. a 6-1 PG from Beverly Hills (MI) Detroit Country Day, it's just a chance to finally make a return to the floor.

Never mind the coaches watching his every move, McCallum was just happy to be playing again.

“It’s great because in the spring time I was hurt,” said McCallum. “I haven’t really been able to play so I’ve been wanting to get out here for a long time. I’ve been working up in Detroit to get ready for this.”

Already considered among the top floor generals in the class of 2010, McCallum doesn’t take anything for granted. An explosive athlete with above average quickness and a nice feel for the game, he feels like he’s got something to prove each and every time he takes the floor.

“Every time I step on the floor I feel like I have to prove myself,” said McCallum. “I try to get the ball to open scorers and I’ll make shots when I have to. That’s a point guard’s job. Also, being younger I really want to go after the top guards that are older than me.”

Thanks to his quickness, the slender guard has never had any issues getting into the lane off the bounce and he agrees that his ability to get to the rim is one of his biggest strengths.

“I think getting to the hole and shooting are my two biggest strengths,” said McCallum. “I want to work on defense a little bit and just get my handle a bit tighter.”

On the recruiting front McCallum offered up a list of Kansas, Texas, UCLA, Oklahoma, Michigan, Notre Dame and Detroit – where his father is the new head coach. According to him everybody on his list has offered, including Bill Self and the Jayhawks.

“The first day on the 15th of June when they could call, Coach Self called me and offered me and told me that he wanted me to come there,” McCallum told Phog.Net. “I told him that they are my number one right now.”

So, what exactly is it that he likes about the Jayhawks?

“I’ve always liked Kansas,” said McCallum. “I really like the way they play and get up and down the floor and they are my number one right now. I really like them.”

He also mentioned that he saw Bill Self as somebody who could help get him to the next level.

“It’s the style of play and Coach Self seems like a good coach,” said McCallum. “He seems like a good guy who could push me to the next level.”

While the Jayhawks currently lead, McCallum made it clear that he’s in no rush to make a commitment. He’ll also be watching closely to see who else the schools that are recruiting him pick up over the next year.

“I want to take my time to see who schools get in the 09 class so I can see who I would have to play with,” said McCallum. “I see a lot of young guys commit and then de-commit because they did it too soon.

“Most important is a good coach. Also a good team, a good school and a place where I’ll be able to play my type of game.”

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