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During July, Lavonte Dority finds himself quarterbacking a team that isn't so used to playing with each other. While he's been playing with high school and now club teammate Mike McCall since elementary school, the rest of the six foot tall point guard's teammates on Chicago Elite are new to him.

The junior to be at Chicago (IL) Foreman, sees an opportunity to do what point guards are supposed to do.

“As the point guard, I’m just trying to bring us together,” said Dority. “We’ve got to work at it but we’ll get it together. We just got put together so it will take a little time.”

Not only is Dority charged with bringing a new team together, he’s got to do it during the month of July when college coaches are watching his every move. The Chicagoan says that he’s not feeling any pressure, though.

“I don’t think it’s any pressure,” said Dority. “I just try to play my game and if coaches like it they do. If they don’t, then they don’t.”

Having already attracted a fair amount of attention from high major schools, Dority said that he would rather not give a school list. The reason being that he didn’t want to forget anybody and that he’s still wide open and doesn’t have any favorites.

One school that has showed some interest is Kansas and Dority did speak directly about the Jayhawks.

“I think Kansas has been recruiting me pretty hard,” Dority told Phog.Net. “I like Kansas a lot. I like the coaches, I like the area and everything else about them.”

Some in the Chicago area have compared Dority’s game to that of Kansas guard Sherron Collins. According to Dority he’s known Collins for a while now and likes the comparison, but he’s trying to be even better.

“I know Sherron pretty well,” said Dority. “I know he’s a little quicker than me, but I think I can be better. At least I want to be better. I think it’s a pleasure to be compared to him. Right about now he’s more of a leader and I’m trying to get like that.”

A strong driver who can also play tough defense, Dority is working on his shooting this summer. He hasn’t yet decided when he’d like to formulate a list or make a decision but when he does, comfort level is going to be important

“That I’m happy is really important and I need to be comfortable wherever I’m at,” said Dority. “After that it’s basically about my relationship with the coaches and what my family thinks.”

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