Nike Observations

One self proclaimed fanatic and Kansas homer was able to attend Nike this past week. KCKasey brought back some observations on future Jayhawks Jeremy Case and J.R. Giddens plus interviews with Keith Wooden and Shannon Brown.<

Interview with Keith Wooden

Wooden was on a mission to dispel rumors of him being soft. He showed the strength to bang with the big boys and had better handles and foot work than most of them. I saw Wooden schooling Humphries in the post. Keith's only problem, in my opinion, is that he just needs motivation to play and he definitely had it at this camp. As far as comments that he isn't gushing about KU, I really believe that is a front. Talking with him I got the feeling he would love to go to Kansas. He has become really good friends with Wayne and some of the other players. I say give him one of the two schoolies we are going to give to big men.

Q So does the fact that you are dating Neil Dougherty's daughter factor in the recruiting processes? Does this mean TCU is the leading school for your services?

A We dated for awhile but now we are real good friends. I'm still real good friends with all of the family. The media has blown that way out of proprotion. He's recruiting me a little bit but that might be a problem him being my coach and me dating his daughter.

Q The rumor that because you are a Lawrence kid that KU leads for your services are they true?

A I'm just keeping my options open. I'm not leaning any one way yet.

Q You made the comment that you would commit early if you found a place where you really get along with the coaching staff and the players. You already are familiar with the coaching staff and the player there at KU so what more do you need to know?

A I like all the player like Wayne and Nick but I just want to see what else is out there before I make a decision.

Q What are you going to work on at the camp this year as oppose to last year at the camp?

A Last year I was a young pup. I had all the older players on my team and they were wanting to take all the shots but this year I'm more experienced and now I know what to do. I'll take it inside and do my work.

Interview with Shannon Brown

Shannon Brown is ranked #5 and he didn't seem to play like he was the best on the floor. Conversely, Tack Minor knew he was the best so he took over offensively and defensively. Shannon just let things come to him. Maybe that's a good thing. He never forced the issue. All the things they said about him athletically are true. When he wants to, he gets up with the best of them. Also he can put the clamps on you defensively, however he just didn't do it enough for someone ranked in the top five, in my opinion. I spoke with him and he is very protectively about who he was favoring, however I do have these quotes from him.

Q Who do you think will get official visits from you?

A I will probably go somewhere that's not close where I could drive to like Kansas, Louisville.

Q Will you chose a school that you will sign with that you won't take an offical visit to?

A No, it will be a school in my top five.

Q Rumors at one time had you dropping Kansas as one of the schools you're considering because Neil Dougherty left to become head coach at TCU. Are these true?

A No! That's a false statement. I like Coach Williams and the players he has there and the way the play basketball. I like how coach Williams let his guards play. I attended basketball camp there two years in a row and loved it there.

Kansas commitments

J.R Giddens. Once again Roy has plucked a diamond in the rough before anybody else could get him. This kid can flat out play. While everyone elses height seem to shrink when actually measured in their socks, Giddens is a legit 6-5. The guy seemed to be on a mission to prove that he belongs. His three point shot was on, he attacked the rim, but more importantly he looked like he was just having fun. He was always talking - but not the trash talk - just talking to himself about what he could've done better or when he did something nice he would talk himself up. I predict he will be a top twenty maybe 15 after the camps are said and done. Can you say Wayne Simien?

Jeremy Case. Jeremy was one who lost a couple of inches from his listed height. He's really 5-11. When I saw him Sunday nothing really impressed me about him. Maybe it was nerves. Monday he had a better showing. His shot was better and his handles were better. He has a ways to go if he's gonna make it as a point guard. I would compare his handles to Boschee - just adequate. Jeremy really played great at the three on three competition. He was on the same team as Marcus Walker. Marcus would create and dish to Case and he would nail the jumpshot.

Originally posted July 13, 2002. Thanks to Kasey Richmond for sharing his thoughts with us. Kansas City area sports radio listeners may know KCKasey from his infamous call in appearances on 810 WHB. Top Stories