JR Giddens: Just Dunk It

A recent conversation with the Kansas commit.

Originally posted (08.20.02)

Highlighted Quote: Cocky or confident?

"I think I am confident. I have a little bit of both in me though. I go out on the court with a lot of confidence and it can be seen as cockiness. But if I kill myself in the gym every day working on my shot and on my game then, y'know, I am cocky."

"It can be good and bad, but I believe I am better. You have to think that way and take it to everybody. You can?t sit back. If someone is guarding me, I am thinking and showing 'hey, you can't guard me.' That is basically what I think. That is my attitude, that no one can stop me if I work hard enough. If that is cocky then I guess I am guilty."

- JR Giddens

Phog Five: Quickie Questions

Favorite comedian? Martin Lawrence, I like him alot.

Television show you are embarassed to admit you watch? I'd have to say Pokemon.

Secret vice? I am a Skittles person. I love Skittles and chocolate and stuff. I am a candy junkie.

Boxers or briefs? Ooo, like boxer briefs really.

Best way to eat an oreo? Dunk it in some milk. Just dunk it.

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