Fan Voices: Loud and Hot

Wake Forest: December 4th, 2001

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Loud and Hot
Wake Forest: December 4, 2001

I nestled my car between a Suburban and a Jeep Grand Cherokee. We could feel and hear Allen Fieldhouse from the parking lot. We entered. The immediate impression: LOUD and HOT.

What a great night to be a Jayhawk fan. The student and general admission sections were already packed. Most were wearing a blue T shirt. I later learned they were available for with proceeds to some cancer charity. There were many of those foam fingers in the student section; must have been given away. I can't imagine anyone paying for one. Most everyone was on their feet and yelling. It was 7:45. I didn't know what was up, but I liked it.

The corporate seats behind us did NOT have the usual idiot. Thank goodness for small favors.

The game. It was loud. It was hot. (Have I mentioned that?) There was shouting while KU was on the defensive end. There was cheering for steals. There was feet stomping. I found myself wanting to sit BEFORE the people around me. I adjusted my thinking quickly.

The cheerleaders were "on." Not quite like the last game when they were going "head to head" with the Pitt State cheerleaders, but very engaged in the game tonight. The Crimson Girls wore a new outfit. Short, tight skirt with a sparkly top that covered all necessary bases. I was comfortable.

The band was playing all night. The crowd was so strong there were many times I couldn't hear the band. My ears were hurting by the second half. A good kind of hurt, mind you, but they hurt.

There were many reasons the crowd could have given up on the game. We always had a lead, too many turnovers, horrible free throw shooting, and foul trouble. But the crowd was there all night. The sick and young started leaving with about six minutes left. The mass exodus didn't begin until there were about two minutes left. These were not, however, the folks making the noise. It kept up.

The rock chalk chant was overwhelming, with just enough of the lower octave and harmony, as the game came to a close. Unfortunately, Wake kept fouling us and the crowd would quiet as we shot.

It was hot and loud. It was a great night to be a Jayhawk fan in Allen Fieldhouse.

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