Class of 2010 Top 75, 25 to Watch in 2011

Yesterday, we took a look at the EBoss Hoops post summer top 100 from the class of 2009. Today, we move on to our first look at the class of 2010 where we roll out an initial top 75 ranking of the best rising juniors in the country. In addition, we'll also list -- but not rank -- 25 impressive players from the class of 2011 who look like they've got very bright futures.

The same rules apply as usual in that these are just one person’s opinion and that they should be taken in context. Also, only players who have been watched will be included.

Finally, with players this young it’s important to note that there will most likely be big changes between now and this time next year. There are undoubtedly players out there who haven’t yet gotten much exposure that will work their way onto these lists in time so it will be interesting to see who emerges over the next year or two.


1.    Tristan Thompson, 6-9 BF, Newark (NJ) St. Benedict’s- TEXAS
2.    Josh Smith, 6-10 C, Covington (WA) Kentwood
3.    Harrison Barnes, 6-6 WF, Ames (IA) High
4.    Brandon Knight, 6-3 WG/PG, Fort Lauderdale (FL) Pinecrest Prep
5.    Jereme Richmond, 6-7 WF, Waukegan (IL) High- ILLINOIS
6.    Jared Sullinger, 6-7 BF/C,  Columbus (OH) Northland- OHIO STATE
7.    Jeremy Tyler, 6-10 C, San Diego (CA) High
8.    Dominique Ferguson, 6-9 BF, Indianapolis (IN) Lawrence North- KENTUCKY
9.    Doron Lamb, 6-4 WG, Mouth of Wilson (VA) Oak Hill
10.    DeShaun Thomas, 6-7 BF, Fort Wayne (IN) Bishop Luers- OHIO STATE
11.    Josh Hairston, 6-8 BF, Spotsylvania (PA) Courtland
12.    Reggie Bullock, 6-6 WF, Kinston (NC) High- NORTH CAROLINA
13.    C.J. Leslie, 6-8 BF/WF, Raleigh (NC) Word of God- N.C. STATE
14.    Perry Jones, 6-9 BF, Duncanville (TX) High- BAYLOR
15.    Roscoe Smith, 6-7 WF, Baltimore (MD) Walbrook
16.    Ray McCallum, 6-1 PG, Beverly Hills (MI) Detroit Country Day
17.    Kendall Marshall. 6-3 PG, Arlington (VA) O’Connell- NORTH CAROLINA
18.    Phil Pressey, 5-8 PG, Dallas (TX) Episcopal School
19.    Josh Selby, 6-2 WG/PG, Hyattsville (MD) DeMatha
20.    Terrance Ross, 6-5 WF/WG, Portland (OR) Jefferson
21.    Joe Jackson, 5-11 PG/WG, Memphis (TN) White Station
22.    Crandall Head, 6-3 WG, Chicago (IL) TBD- ILLINOIS
23.    Adreian Payne, 6-9 C/BF, Dayton (OH) Jefferson
24.    Jordan Sibert, 6-4 WG, Cincinnati (OH) Princeton
25.    Daniel Bejarano, 6-4 WG, Phoenix (AZ) North
26.    Will Barton, 6-5 WG/WF, Fort Washington (MD) National Christian
27.    Andre Dawkins, 6-4 WG, Virginia Beach (VA) Atlantic Shores- DUKE
28.    Jason Morris, 6-5 WG, Lakeville (CT) Hotchkiss
29.    Evan Anderson, 6-11 C, Eau Claire (WI) North- WISCONSIN
30.    Julian Washburn, 6-7 WF/BF, Duncanville (TX) High
31.    Jordin Mayes, 6-2 PG/WG, Los Angeles (CA) Westchester
32.    Mychal Parker, 6-5 WF/WG, Pantego (NC) Terra Ceia
33.    Jelan Kendrick, 6-5 WF/WG, Atlanta (GA) Southwest Atlanta Christian
34.    Terrance Jones, 6-7 WF/BF, Portland (OR) Jefferson
35.    Meyers Leonard, 6-10 C/BF, Robinson (IL) High- ILLINOIS
36.    Dion Waiters, 6-2 WG, TBD- SYRACUSE
37.    Justin Martin, 6-7 WF, Indianapolis (IN) Lawrence North
38.    Jayvaughn Pinkston, 6-6 BF, Brooklyn (NY) Bishop Laughlin
39.    Anthony Brown, 6-5 WG, Huntington Beach (CA) Ocean View
40.    Kendall Williams, 6-2 PG/WG, Rancho Cucamonga (CA) Los Osos- UCLA
41.    Anthony Johnson. 6-3 WG/PG, Chicago (IL) Whitney Young
42.    Kyrie Irving, 6-2 WG/PG, Elizabeth (NJ) St. Patrick
43.    Juwan Staten, 6-0 PG, Dayton (OH) Marshall
44.    Flavien Davis, 6-5 WF/WG, Milwaukee (WI) Lutheran
45.    Jordan Latham, 6-8 BF, Baltimore (MD) City College
46.    Jordan McRae, 6-5 WG, Hinesville (GA) Liberty County
47.    Dwayne Polee, 6-8 BF, Los Angeles (CA) Westchester- SOUTHERN CAL
48.    Ralston Turner, 6-6 WF/WG, Muscle Shoals (AL) High
49.    Keith Appling, 6-1 WG/PG, Detroit (MI) Pershing
50.    Tyler Thornton, 6-0 PG, Washington (DC) Gonzaga
51.    Patric Young, 6-7 BF, Jacksonville (FL) Paxon
52.    Travis McKie, 6-6 WF, Richmond (VA) Marshall
53.    Vander Blue, 6-2 WG/PG, Madison (WI) Memorial- WISCONSIN
54.    Dwight Powell, 6-9 BF/C, Bradenton (FL) IMG
55.    Shaquille Thomas, 6-6 WF, Paterson (NJ) Catholic
56.    Tobi Oyedeji, 6-7 BF, Bellaire (TX) High
57.    Cameron Clark, 6-5 WF, Sherman (TX) High
58.    C.J. Fair, 6-8 BF, Baltimore (MD) City College
59.    Tobias Harris, 6-7 BF, Dix Hills (NY) Half Hollow Hills West
60.    Taran Buie, 6-0 WG, Albany (NY) Bishop Maginn
61.    Gerard Coleman, 6-3 WG, Tilton (NH) School
62.    DaMarcus Harrison, 6-4 WG, Greenwood (SC) High
63.    Patrick Simon, 6-8 BF, Ephrata (WA) High- WASHINGTON STATE
64.    Jordan Dykstra, 6-8 BF, Rock Valley (IA) High- IOWA STATE
65.    Casey Prather, 6-5 WF, Jackson (TN) North Side
66.    Daniel Alexander, 6-8 BF, Dripping Springs (TX) High
67.    Jamail Jones, 6-5 WF, Decatur (GA) Greenforest Christian
68.    Cory Joseph, 6-2 WG/PG, Henderson (NV) Findlay Prep
69.    James Bell, 6-5 WF, Montverde (FL) Academy- VILLANOVA
70.    Tyler Lamb, 6-4 WG, Ontario (CA) Colony
71.    Okaro White, 6-8 BF, Clearwater (FL) High
72.    Moses Morgan, 6-5 WF/WG, Las Vegas (NV) Palo Verde
73.    Noah Cottrill, 5-11 PG/WG, Poca (WV) High- WEST VIRGINIA
74.    Josh Langford, 6-6 BF, Huntsville (AL) Johnson- LOUISVILLE
75.    Trae Golden, 6-1 WG, Powder Springs (GA) McEachern


Tracy Abrams, 6-0 PG, Chicago (IL) Mt. Carmel
Mychal Ammons, 6-3 WG, Vicksburg (MS) High
Bradley Beal, 6-2 WG/PG, Saint Louis (MO) Chaminade
Chane Behanan, 6-6 BF/WF, Cincinnati (OH) Aiken
Deuce Bello, 6-3 WG, High Point (NC) Westchester Academy
Wayne Blackshear, 6-4 WG, Chicago (IL) Curie
Jamal Branch, 6-2 PG/WG, Humble (TX) Atascocita
Jabari Brown, 6-3 WG, Richmond (CA) Salesian
Kentavious Caldwell, 6-4 WG, Greenville (GA) High
Angelo Chol, 6-8 C/BF, San Diego (CA) Hoover
Rakeem Christmas, 6-9 C, Philadelphia (PA) Northeast Catholic
Bishop Daniels, 6-2 WG/PG, Raleigh (NC) Word of God
Michael Gbinjie, 6-5 WF/WG, Christchurch (VA) High
Michael Gilchrist, 6-6 WF, Elizabeth (NJ) St. Patrick
Kevin Johnson, 6-8 BF, Gardena (CA) Serra
Myck Kabongo, 6-1 PG, Newark (NJ) St. Benedict’s
James McAdoo, 6-8 BF, Norfolk (VA) Christian
Marshall Plumlee, 6-9 BF/C, Arden (NC) Christ School
LeBryan Nash, 6-6 WF, Dallas (TX) Lincoln
Austin Rivers, 6-2 PG/WG, Winter Park (FL) High- FLORIDA
LaQuinton Ross, 6-7 WF, Raleigh (NC) Word of God
Michael Shaw, 6-8 BF, Chicago (IL) DeLasalle
Marquis Teague, 6-1 PG, Indianapolis (IN) Pike
Kevin Ware, 6-4 WG/PG, Conyers (GA) Rockdale County
Tony Wroten, 6-4 WG/PG, Seattle (WA) Garfield Top Stories