Henry Plans First Round of Visits

When you're one of the top players in the land like Warr Acres (OK) Putnam City standout Xavier Henry, things never slow down. After fighting through a lingering injury during July, the six-foot-six inch shooting guard isn't getting much of a rest before school starts in a couple of weeks and he prepares for visits that he says he'll take to Kansas, Memphis, Texas and UCLA.

Instead of resting, the busy senior to be -- who has to feed his Wii addiction whenever he can, even during interviews -- is preparing for a trip to Brazil with Nike Basketball and other high school stars like Daniel Orton, Phil Pressey, Mason Plumlee and others.

“We’re going over there for like 10 days,” said Xavier Henry. “I think we play like five games and we do a lot of sight seeing and we’re going to go to a big soccer game like something like that, it all sounds like a lot fun.”

Despite injury, Henry is proud that he was able to finish his summer out strong. Not only did he have a strong showing at Nike’s LeBron James Skills Academy, but he also helped lead his powerful Athlete’s First summer squad to a championship at the Super Showcase in Orlando.

“At first I was like really frustrated because I could barely even go for a period and I was like this is going to be a big setback,” said Henry of his ankle/foot injury. “My pain tolerance went up and I just started playing well so I didn’t care. People said I was dominating on one leg so I didn’t see any reason to start slowing down.”

With the summer behind him and a trip to Brazil ahead of him, Henry has also had a little more time to devote to setting up his college visits. So far, he’s scheduled a pair of visits to Kansas and one to Memphis with dates for UCLA and Texas coming soon.

“I’m going to KU’s ring ceremony on September 20th and Late Night on October 20th for my official visit,” Henry told Phog.Net. “I’m going to Memphis  for my official visit there the next weekend after my Kansas official.”

Recently, Henry had been starting to feel some pressure because he was worried about letting down the coaches of the schools that he doesn’t pick. Lately, he’s begun to look at things a little differently and realizes that with the quality of programs that are recruiting him, they are going to get players whether he picks them or not.

“I don’t want to let anybody down. But, I look at it differently than I used to,” said Henry of telling schools he’s not picking them. “At least now when I let somebody down it lets them off the hook and lets them go after other people so I’m not really letting them down. It lets them move on for some players that they can really use and I know that those schools are always going to be able to get good players.”

Speaking of players, Henry sees the official visits as a good way to see who he does and doesn’t fit in with. He’s already researched playing styles, but he wants to be sure he fits with the guys that he’ll be playing with in the future.

 “I like to be with the players that if they like to be loud, I don’t like the guys who have to be negative trash talkers,” said Henry. “I like the guys that can bring your spirits up and be positive. I also like those quiet guys that just get the job done because you know that you can count on them. Talking on the floor is fun, but I like for it to be positive.”

With a senior year that is going to include nationally televised games against Lance Stephenson and Brooklyn (NY) Lincoln and Dominic Cheek and mighty Jersey City (NJ) St. Anthony along with trips to Hawaii and Massachusetts for events, Henry is looking forward to making a decision. He doesn’t see it as something that is going to be a relief, but more like the next step in his career.

He insists that he won’t decide before taking all of his visits and it’s going to be interesting to see what happens because each school is coming at him with basically the same approach.

“They all come at me talking about how I’m their number one and their go to guy,” said Henry. “On the other side, they talk about how the other schools are great schools and they are going to get other players so the other schools don’t need me as much as they do. Of course, that’s what the other schools are saying to me too so it’s like one big circle and it makes it hard to decide.”

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