Q & A with Frank Burlison

Burlison ranks recruiting class #3; relishes KU-UNC match up

Phog.net You ranked Kansas #3 behind Duke. How does it compare with past recruiting classes from Roy Williams?

Burlison: In terms of quality you could compare it to the Hinrich – Collison – Gooden class. The primary difference being with that class he had two elite big men. I think this class was a Brian Butch or Josh Boone away from best class Williams has ever recruited.

Phog.net: What about the fifth scholarship? Do you think there is a post player out there?

Burlison: I would guess Roy is done for this class. Still, you have to consider he won out for Padgett over UNC, Arizona and Stanford and managed to pull Wilkes from his father's alma mater JR Giddens away from the Oklahoma schools and you have to think these are three of his biggest coups in recent history.

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Phog.net: Kansas plays North Carolina on Wednesday, with all the related history and melodrama as a backdrop. Kansas is favored and has expereince on its side. Still, what do you think the key factor is for both teams?

Burlison: Who wins transition game? Kansas is the best running team in the country. Can UNC slow them down? Does North Carolina even want to slow down the pace? Probably not, which kind of plays into KU hands.

Phog.net: What do you feel will be the biggest challenge for North Carolina?

Burlison: McCants and May have dominated everyone who has tried to guard them in first three games. Now they face the two best seniors in the country at their positions, Hinrich and Collison.

Phog.net: And Kansas?

Burlison: The bench. Is this the game in which Kansas' depth, or supposed lackthereof, becomes a factor?

Kansas, UNC on collision course

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