Robinson Settling In After Monster Summer

Even as recently as four months ago, not many people knew who Thomas Robinson was. After a monster summer and some exposure, the six-foot-nine forward is among the most celebrated big men in the country and his stock with college coaches has gone through the roof.

As he prepares to leave for his senior year at Wolfeboro (NH) Brewster Prep, Thomas Robinson realizes that he can’t rest on his reputation.

“It’s been crazy,” said Robinson of his rise. “Now that it’s settled in I’ve got to keep it up. I just have to play regardless. I have to play hard whether I’m considered a top player or a nobody.”

While he’s a terrific rebounder blessed with huge hands, great timing and springy athleticism around the hoop, it would be a mistake to confuse him for somebody without offensive polish. He scores with either hand around the bucket, uses a quick first step to lose opposing big men on dribble drives from the free throw line and has a developing jumper.

On top of that, he’s a ferocious competitor and constantly works on his game.

“I can’t stay away that long, I’ve gotta be in the gym,” Robinson told Phog.Net. “I want to win, and I bring the energy. I play hard every time. I’ve got versatility in my game and can be an inside or outside threat. I’ll do whatever I can to get the W.”

In today’s recruiting world where the value of kid’s game is sometimes judged too much by stars and rankings next to their name, Robinson is careful not to get a big head. He’s seen what it can do to other players and would rather use their egos against them.

“It makes it easier for me,” said Robinson. “If other guys are worried about that kind of stuff then they aren’t focused and it makes it easier for me to beat them and do what I have to do.”

Part of doing what needs to be done to better himself and his game means leaving the D.C. area and spending a year at Brewster. It’s not that he wasn’t in a good situation, he just saw a great opportunity.

“I wanted to see something new,” said Robinson of his decision to attend Brewster. “I wanted to put myself in a better situation to prepare myself for college and get everything together. I also wanted to showcase my talentes on a national level.”

Currently, Robinson has plans to visit Kansas, Memphis and Southern California. Only the Kansas visit has a date set date (September 20th) but Robinson made it clear that he may choose to use his other two visits if needed and that he won’t be deciding until he’s completed all of his visits.

“I will take all of my visits before I do anything,” said Robinson. “I’m not going to decide until after I’ve taken the visits.”

According to Robinson, his recruitment has mostly been handled by the head coaches of the programs recruiting him and it’s certainly a big part of what he likes about Kansas and Bill Self.

“What I like the most is that he (Self) approached me,” said Robinson of Kansas. “I can’t really tell you much about the rest of the staff because I’ve pretty much just talked to him. I think that says a lot. He’s the guy who is going to be making decisions about playing time and stuff like that and I don’t have to go through people to get to him.”

As he works his way to a decision, Robinson will be looking at a few other things in addition to his relationship with the head coach. Ultimately, he also knows that he’s got his family on his side no matter where he chooses to take his now well known talent for college.

“Playing style and are they able to get me prepared for the next level is going to be big,” said Robinson of what will factor into his decision. “My family is a big part of what’s going on right now, but whatever is best for me they are with.” Top Stories