Game Day Links: North Carolina

Roy and Matt. Kansas and North Carolina. What more can be said? Sports writers locally and across the nation are finding plenty to write about.

"I don't want to live this whole frickin' thing over again. Excuse my French, but I'm so damned tired of this stuff."
- Roy Williams

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Kansas-North Carolina is matchup of friends (Fox Sports)
Roy Williams of Kansas and Matt Doherty of North Carolina go back almost 25 years. One recruited the other. One worked for the other. Their programs, cornerstones of college basketball, are intertwined. That makes Wednesday night's Preseason NIT between the schools particularly intriguing.

Doherty: Kansas a ‘talented team' (KU Sports)
Kansas coach Roy Williams and Matt Doherty won't be playing a celebrity one-on-one basketball game on Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden. It just seems that way with the off-Broadway Preseason NIT production being billed as "Roy vs. Matt" or "Teacher vs. Pupil."

Mirror Images (Tar Heel Daily)
When North Carolina takes the court against Kansas Wednesday night, it will be like two brothers going up against each other in the driveway. The Jayhawks are the older brother; bigger, stronger, faster and more experienced. They'll try to take the younger brother down low, where they can push him around and beat him up.

Doherty, Williams reunite in MSG showdown (ESPN)

Coaches deflect attention (ESPN)
So, here we are, at the game that was bound to happen. But really, it doesn't have as much meaning as, maybe, some would think. Kansas is playing North Carolina in the Preseason NIT semifinals Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden. That means Roy Williams is coaching against Matt Doherty. Should it matter?

Coach Doherty on Upcoming Game Versus Kansas (Tar Heel Blue)
"I'm not afraid about facing the coach; I'm afraid about facing the players. If I was going against Coach Williams I'd have an opportunity to post him up because he's a little smaller than me. I'm more concerned about Nick Collison, Kirk Hinrich, Wayne Simien and Aaron Miles. They're a great team that's very experienced and very explosive. I'm more concerned about their players."

Stayin' quiet -- Williams says his KU-UNC decision is 'old news' (Hawk Zone)
Normally, North Carolina and basketball history are subjects that will loosen Kansas coach Roy Williams tongue as quickly and completely as any.

Williams ready for beloved UNC (Kansan)
A program he idolizes, a school he loves and the game he breathes all will merge together tomorrow in New York City. It´s all part of Roy Williams´ life.

KU-Carolina connections make for uneasy feelings (KC Star)
Hard to say who's feeling more uncomfortable this week. North Carolina's Matt Doherty because he's playing not only his old boss against some players he helped recruit at Kansas, but also because he's coaching the Tar Heels only because Roy Williams isn't? Or Roy Williams because he's Roy Williams?

Jayhawks prepare for Thanksgiving in New York (KC Star)

"I'm sure Coach Williams would rather not play that type of game, but it's going to be a lot of fun. We're going to be ready to play and so will they. It's going to be a big time game." Quotes Top Stories