In the News: JR Giddens

Coach Martin talks with the Daily Oklahoman about JR Giddens and the John Marshall team.

From the Daily Oklahoman:

JR Giddens is known for his tremendous athleticism. He's one of the top high jumpers in Oklahoma during track season. On the basketball court, he produces acrobatic dunks. But lost in that athleticism is a skilled player. Giddens' long arms make him a defensive menace. And his shot, although unorthodox in form, is deadly. He hit 56 percent from the field last year, including 47.9 from 3- point range.

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The quality this season isn't as high. We might never again see the quality of players we had in 2002. But the quantity of Division I basketball players is even greater than a year ago. Oklahoma's best are J.R. Giddens and Jeremy Case. Kansas signed both.

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