Robinson Reflects On First Visit

Just back from Lawrence, Kansas, forward Thomas Robinson speaks on his visit to KU.'s Eric Bossi with more, inside...

Friday evening, the Kansas Jayhawks assembled all of the coaches, players and administrators who played a part in winning the 2008 National Championship. The purpose of the get together was to pass out national championship rings. While few outside of the program were able to attend the private ceremony, Thomas Robinson was on of a few lucky outsiders who was able to attend.

A 6-8 senior forward from Wolfeboro (NH) Brewster Prep, and one of the top 25 basketball players in the class of 2009, he was among a handful of recruits in town taking an official visit to Kansas.

“(The visit) was good. We just kind of hung with the team and they had a bunch of stuff for me to do like tour the campus,” said Robinson of his official visit. “I also met the coaches and talked to the players. Meeting Danny Manning was great.”

While his visit also included a trip to Saturday’s football game against Sam Houston State, Friday night’s ring ceremony was one of the highlights on Robinson’s trip.

“I went to the ring ceremony and it was really good,” Robinson told Phog.Net. “It was tight to see all of the players from last year and before come back and be excited to get their rings. It was also good to see all of the support that they had from fans around town.”

Before Saturday night’s football game, Robinson also got a chance to play some pickup with the other recruits and current players.

“Not everybody was able to play, but I was able to hang,” said Robinson. “I did good. It wasn’t that serious though.”

Just growing accustomed to the attention that has been paid to his recruitment by analysts, scouts and coaches, Robinson was surprised to find that people knew who he was around campus.

“I think I’m getting used to it now, the attention. It’s still kind of new to me though with all the attention and people knowing who I am,” said Robinson. “We went around campus and people knew who I was. That was surprising to me because I’m not used to all of that. It felt really good, I enjoyed it.”

During and prior to visits, some recruits have a specific game plan and a set of questions that they may want answered or things that they want to see. According to Robinson, though, he went in with no real plan and just let things fall into place.

“There was not game plan,” said Robinson. “I just wanted to see the school, see the campus and meet the players. So it really went as expected.”

Prior to heading home, Robinson also spent some time with head coach Bill Self. Instead of a hard sell on the Kansas program, the Jayhawks boss had some advice for Robinson.

“He just told me to have fun with it all,” said Robinson. “He’s not going to put any pressure on me to make a decision.”

According to Robinson he still plans to visit Memphis (October 3rd) and Southern California (no date set) officially. However, when asked where Kansas stood among those three, Robinson played it close to the vest.

“Of course they would have more interest right now and I feel comfortable because I just left there,” said Robinson. “But, I don’t have any real personal feelings one way or another yet.” Top Stories