Self's Book Open and Honest

Kansas head coach Bill Self's book, Bill Self: At Home In the Phog is now hitting stores. previews a journey that takes fans from Self's graduate assistant days in Lawrence all the way to the title game.

It’s the perfect book for any Kansas fan and the perfect chance to relive a magical title run. It’s an opportunity to get to know the reigning national championship coach and also sheds some light on his journeys from Lawrence, to Stillwater, to Tulsa, to Champaign to cutting down the nets in San Antonio. Daily Oklahoman sports writer, John Rohde helps Self, and his close family and friends relive a rollercoaster ride through the coaching ranks.

If you know Kansas head coach Bill Self at all, you know one thing – he tells it like it is, and his first book does exactly that.

With the help of author John Rohde, Self recalls the highs and lows of his titanic rise to the top of the coaching ranks. Self has always possessed the ability to make the best of any situation which is what he did when he injured his knee and ended up with a graduate assistant position in Lawrence under Larry Brown.

There have been plenty of stops for Self along the way during a coaching career that has now come full circle back to Lawrence. If you think leaving a program, even for an elite job like Kansas, is ever easy Self’s dramatic account of leaving Champaign, IL will dismiss that notion. He candidly chronicles how he struggled with the decision and the difficultly of leaving behind a group of kids he believed was destined for success at the highest level. Self explains what it was like dealing with the negative reaction from an Illinois fan base that was angered by his all-too-soon departure.   

A changeover in regime provides uncomfortable moments and sometimes unflattering commentary. Self has been on both ends of the spectrum especially after his move to Lawrence. Self responds to some interesting comments made by current Illinois head coach Bruce Weber and speaks openly about following a legend in Lawrence. You’ll learn why Self has a somewhat rocky relationship with former KU head coach Roy Williams and why the 2008 national semifinal was a match up that both coaches needed. Self will also explain what that first meeting with players like Keith Langford and Wayne Simien consisted of.

The emotional trip to the Final Four in San Antonio is one any fan would love gain insight about. Learn about the preparation Self’s top-ranked team underwent, the emotional moment of Rodrick Stewart’s injury, and dealing with the Oklahoma State rumors. The coach who has been to 10 straight NCAA tournaments also takes control of the remote and takes you through specific plays from Final Four games vs. UNC and Memphis.

In the crowning moment of his career Self was forced to deal with swirling rumors circulating about a possible return to Stillwater. If you wondered how Self dealt with reports of an Oklahoma State homecoming for a hefty sum of cash and what was true and not he delves into the details of conversations he had with Oklahoma State and KU athletic director Lew Perkins.

Plus the post-national championship whirlwind takes you on trip down the streets of Lawrence, to the ESPY’s, all the way to the White House lawn.

The book starts with a heart-felt foreword written by former KU coach Larry Brown who speaks fondly of Self’s abilities and even admits he’s in “awe” of Self in some ways.

If you’re a KU fan and want to know more about the man in charge, this honest depiction of who Bill Self is and it is the book for you.

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