POTW: Investment as a Fan

Random thoughts from a message board poster on attitudes, enthusiasm, and investment as a fan.

Posted by ku83ou79

Random Thought 1: I have as much respect and love for Coach Williams as anybody outside my family or close circle of friends. I believe in the world of sports, when we are constantly reminded of its dark side, we need people like Coach Williams as often and as big as we can get them. However, he is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, and he is not above criticism. I do believe the loss to North Carolina falls directly in his lap. The team was unprepared and looked down in the dumps. I believe that Coach is completely wrong in his approach to North Carolina and his attitude of playing friends in general. I remember him saying that he looked at the brackets he had the thought he might "have" to play North Carolina. I think this is a terrible way of thinking. Playing North Carolina should be fun! I know about the feeling of not wanting the other guy on the bench to feel bad, but the bottom line is it's only a game. Instead of saying we "have" to play NC, he should say, we "get" to play NC. It should have been a celebration of two great programs that do things the right way. UNC and KU are two programs that are linked by tradition, by reputation, and by love. (Ok, maybe not love, but you get my point.) I believe that his attitude carried over to the team. Did you see Coach D on the side lines? Half the time he was playing defense. What enthusiasm he showed and that rubbed off on the players.

Random Thought 2: The Florida game was not as bad as people think. It's not like we were playing Sacramento State. Florida is a very talented team. We played that game banged up and a little disarrayed. Florida is a ranked team.

Random Thought 3: I am very disturbed about the comments of being late for practice and meetings. To me that is far worse than the losing of the games in NY. I guess the only good thing to come out of that is it's happening in November when it is correctable. I'm also surprised that the players talked about it in the public. And why such secrecy? It's nice to protect your teammates, but they jumped all over Graves when he reported out of shape by having a lack of discipline during the off season. Now that someone has a lack during the season the player is being protected?

Random Thought 4: It's disturbing that in a matter of a week we have gone from being a team fresh off a final four season and a candidate to cut down the nets down in New Orleans, to a team that was pleased it was competitive in the second half against Florida.

Random Thought 5: I didn't like Coach Williams told a security guard who mentioned that he was disappointed in the loss, "what did you have invested in the game?" Well, I'll tell you what I have invested. I have invested 30 years of following the team, four years attending the university, a degree, a check I still write every month paying for that degree, countless hours watching the team, supporting the team, accepting Coach Williams at face value when he was introduced as head coach, and thousands dollars in KU merchandise I have purchased over the years. I was a fan long before he was coach, and I'll be a fan long after he is gone. I love the man, but don't tell me the fans don't have anything invested and we don't have the right to be disappointed.

Random Thought 6: If I were Lee, Hawkins, or Nash, I'd be shooting 1000 3's every day. There is 20 minutes a game for someone that can come off the bench and hit 35-40 % of his 3's. It's all well and good to want to pound the ball in, but unless we get the reputation back that Boschee brought of a team that can stretch your defense, Collison and Simien will continue to have life difficult in the paint. I think that in the next game, our starters should be used as our bench. Just for development let the bench play 30 minutes a game.

Random Thought 7: Bottom line is, I think we'll be fine. Let's not make too much of the loses in NY. Let's not brush it off either. Learn from our mistakes. Realize this is not the same team as last year. We must work harder, and smarter, and we'll be fine. Will we win as many games? No. Will we go undefeated in the Big 12? No. But, we're the same team we were last week. If we can develop any kind of bench, and WORK to improve, we'll be tough as the season goes on.

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