Robinson to Make Things Official

Deep inside his heart, Thomas Robinson always knew that he could make things happen if given the opportunity. As it turns out, the six-foot-eight inch forward who is spending his senior year at Wolfeboro (NH) Brewster Prep's chance didn't come until a bit later than most of the other top prospects in his class.

But after a spectacular summer showing that boosted the aggressive insider’s reputation, Robinson will complete the recruiting process today when he signs a letter of intent to play basketball at Kansas.

While he’s excited to make his commitment official, Robinson says that his work is just now getting started.

“I just have to start working harder now,” said Robinson. “It’s not over. I still have to prove myself. I’m going to have players coming at me because of what school I’m going to next year and I want to prove that I can play at Kansas.”

Even though he knows that he’s got plenty of work ahead of him before arriving in Lawrence next June, Robinson also takes a lot pride in the fact that he’ll be inking with a national power that just happens to be the defending national champions.

“It’s an honor to me because there’s so much history,” said Robinson. “For me to be committed there it’s a big thing and hopefully I’ll be able to play.”

Not one to brag about his game, Robinson thinks that it’s his energy and relentless style that will help get him onto the floor early in Lawrence.

“I’m going to bring the energy and the impact in the lane,” said Robinson. “I think I can play on both ends and finish on both defense and offense.”

Joining Robinson as an early member of KU and Bill Self’s class of 2009 recruiting efforts will be Las Vegas point guard Elijah Johnson. Robinson has yet to see him play but he likes the coaching staff’s description of him as an athletic playmaker.

“ I know that it’s just two guys so far but I think we have one of the best classes in the country,” Robinson told Phog.Net. “We already have a very good guard and a big guy that can finish so that’s a great start.”

Not surprisingly, Robinson has also been watching closely to see who else decides to join he and Johnson. The Jayhawks remain in contention for several big names and he’d be happy to play with any of them.

“I know they are still after guys like John Wall, Xavier Henry, Dominic Cheek and Michael Snaer,” said Robinson of the players that Kansas coaches are keeping an eye on. “They are still looking for that wing player. I’ve seen all of them play and it’s a win win situation with any one of those picks.”

Finally, as he prepares to sign his letter of intent, Robinson is willing to allow himself at least one day to proud of his accomplishments. They weren’t always expected by those on the outside looking in, but his signing is a testament to hard work and a strong support system.

“I always had the mentality that if I put in the work it would happen,” finished Robinson. “But, I never really saw it coming this far. But, with the summer I had it’s a reality now. I had the support all the way from my AAU coach, family and everybody else and here I am.”

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