Collison gives up hoop dreams for snack food

Love Thread curse strikes again. has learned Nick Collison has made the decision to drop out of school in order to pursue other interests. Collison plans to move to New York and lay on a futon all day watching DVDs with Jack Black and eating Snickers ice cream bars until they both puke. This decision comes just two days after a "love thread" was posted on an Internet message board.

Tom Light,, offers an explanation for the love thread tradition.

"Folks on our message board started dedicating threads, or topics, to recruits to entice them to come to KU. The success of the love thread is in pretty serious question."

In the recent past love threads have been dedicated to Brad Buckman, Hassan Adams, Andre Iguodala, Devin Smith, Brian Butch, and Josh Boone. Fans also voiced their support for Drew Gooden completing his senior season in a "Please stay, we love you Drew!!!" thread.

Following Wednesday night's Kansas-Tulsa game, a fan decided to show his support for Collison, who had been struggling this season, by posting a love thread. Within 48 hours Collison announced his intentions to leave the Kansas team.

In a prepared statement released to the media, Coach Williams said, simply, "I refuse to read any of those gosh darned unsigned love threads or anything that has ever been or might ever be viewed on a computer. I told you the fans were idiots." Top Stories