Hawks for the Holidays

In a three part series Phog.net explores the best the Internet has to offer for Jayhawk fans looking to shop online. We begin with gifts from the "You cheap bastard! Ten gifts for under ten bucks" collection.

Note: While Phog.net has selected quality junk from a variety of vendors to feature, please remember every dollar you spend at KUStore.com directly benefits intercollegiate athletics at Kansas.

Women of KU calendar - $6.95
This is the gift that needs no introduction. Show these young girls that you care and want to support their efforts to bring holiday joy to the community. If you just can't get enough a "Making of the Women of KU Calendar" is also available on DVD or VHS.

Jayhawk desk calendar - $8.99
If half naked coeds just won't fly at the office, perhaps a more subtle way to display your loyalties is in order.

Alumni calendar - $10
Okay, it is another calendar. But this one features photography of the Lawrence campus.

Posters - $10 Player posters for ten bucks each. Oddly enough the Luke Axtell and Eric Chenowith posters on are clearance for just $6. (KUStore)

Fight Song keychain - $4.99
This Jayhawk keychain plays the fight song 10,000 times. Seriously. Phog.net recommends purchasing for a Mizzou or Wildcat fan.

Baby socks - $3.99 Widdle tiny sockies for the baby's widdle footsie wootsies.

ID holder - $10 It is difficult to tell in the picture here, but there is a Jayhawk embossed on the cover.

Football lapel pin - $5.00
Don't be ashamed to admit you are a Kansas football fan. (KUStore)

Basketball ornament - $8.99
This seems self explanatory.

Pub glass - $6.99
Sure, it is more fun to just sneak a glass out of the bar. But if you don't want to drip beer in your jacket pocket, cough up the cash to buy an even better version.

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