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Robinson gymnasium is dedicated; Boschee is a birthday boy

On December 13th, 1907 Kansas defeated Ottawa by a score 66-22 in the dedication game of Robinson Gymnasium. Robinson had replaced Snow Hall as the official home court for Kansas. Prior to this the Jayhawks played few home games and often practiced at various YMCA's. Large pillars in the middle of the court hindered the players attempting to run up and down the court. Additionally Snow Hall had 11 foot ceilings – just one foot over the basket – until James Naismith had the floor lowered five feet. The brand spankin new Robinson was very impressive, costing $100,000 and with the ability to hold more than 3,000 fans in the third floor main gymnasium.

This game was also the official debut of new head coach Forrest "Phog" Allen. Allen split his time between Haskell, Baker, and Kansas that season. Phog left Kansas in 1909 but returned in 1920 – full time. He remained head coach for 36 years.

Robinson was also the site of another historic event on December 15, 1924. Before fans and alumni ever dreamed of logging on and checking up on the Jayhawks via a computer, radio ruled. KFKU sent out its first broadcast from Robinson.

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Also this week:

(12.10.89) Kansas scores 150 points and defeats Kentucky.
(12.12.19) A rally was held at Robinson gymnasium by KU students. The students were showing their support for building a new student union and football stadium.
(12.19.62) Ron Kellogg was born. Kellogg played for the Jayhawks from1982-86 He was All Big 8 his junior and senior years and finished his career with 1508 points.
(12.21.79) Jeff Boschee was born. As a senior Boschee departed after the 2001-02 Final Four season. He was known for his three point shooting as well as his boyish charm. Fans who can't get enough of JBo can check out his book, Long Shot

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