Two Minutes with Shannon

Shannon O'Conner on hard work and attitudes.

This is an excerpt from an interview between's Bill Cross and men's basketball student manager, Shannon O'Conner. The full interview is available to premium subscribers

BC: To play for Roy Williams, all of the players must naturally put forth their best effort. But who, in your estimation, is the hardest working player in practice that you've practiced with in the last two years?

SO: Kirk Hinrich, hands down. He's the most focused, self-motivated player I think I've ever seen. I love watching him play. All the players are amazing, but just his attitude and the efforts he puts forth are just amazing to me.

BC: Do you feel that the same effort is demanded from the managers?

SO: Yeah, actually. We obviously don't perform to the caliber that Kirk does. Like I was telling you about the process, they seriously look to see how hard you work. If you're willing to do dirty work, and not get credit for things. It's kind of crazy, but we all have to be where we need to be. If we're not there, somebody's yelling.

BC: The basketball players have prioritized scheduling so they can be at practice every day. Do you get the same thing?

SO: No, we do not get priority enrollment. We do not get to enroll ahead of time. We do not get tutors. We do not get help with any of that stuff. We don't get free books. We don't get any sort of scholarship. I understand not getting a scholarship or books or anything. But as managers we have to plan our schedule around practice exactly like the players do, but we don't get the benefits of priority enrollment, so we just have to work around it. Top Stories