"Took care of business."

Calvin Rubles, 6-3, 182, JuCo cornerback/safety from Tyler, Texas, had 17 tackles in six games in 2008 and 50 tackles in nine games in 2007.

Recruiting coach: Calvin Rubles was recruited by KU David Beaty.

Calvin Rubles, 6-3, 182, cornerback/safety from Tyler JuCo in Texas, made 17 tackles (6 games) in 2008. He accounted for 50 tackles (9 games) in 2007.

Recruiting coach: Rubles was recruited by KU David Beaty

Coach Danny Palmer talked about his former player Calvin Rubles.

"What you've got with Calvin Rubles is number one a tremendous "quiet" individual, and what I mean by that he has come in here to Tyler Junior College and has done everything that was asked of him to do," Palmer said.

"Number one academically because he came in and graduated. He took care of his academics which is beginning to be very hard with junior college athletes getting into division one because of the 40-percent towards graduating, and 48 transferrable hours."

"A lot of people don't really understand how hard that is beginning to be for a division one school to get a junior college kid that is only here for two years, but this young man came in and took care of his academics and did everything he could."

"He took care of issues off the field because he never had a problem on the field because he's a great player."

"He was recruited by the University of Alabama in Birmingham hard. Kim Helton and I thought they had an inside track on him because they recruited him first, but a kid gets an offer from a Big 12 school like Kansas who has really done a great job of recruiting."

"He had other offers, but once UAB came out on the table, and then Kansas he had other offers that came in real late from a lot of other Big 12 schools."

"David Baty did a great job recruiting him at Kansas and really checked on his academics like Kim Helton did, but this kid is special."

"It is very unusual that you can get a big junior college corner that come in and play right now, and he's what I call a shutdown corner. He has great athletic ability and great awareness of the game of football. He's a great cover guy."

"He's dominant, but what I will always remember about Calvin Rubles is how he just came in quietly and took care of his business. He never missed a study hall, never missed a practice, never missed a classroom. So what else can I say."
Going to a Big 12 school, like Kansas, with all the great quarterbacks is a great place to showcase your skills on the other side of the ball.

"That's exactly right," Palmer said. "That's a great description. I guess you've got to have cover people now in the Big 12 because everyone is throwing it like scud missiles, no matter if you go to Baylor, Kansas or Missouri. They are all throwing the football and 7-on-7."

John Jenkins was doing the 7-on-7 at Houston back before they have the state tournaments that they do in Texas. W e were having 500-600 kids in our football camp. In my opinion, that's how all of this spread got originated was through him with Andre Ware and David Klingler."

Palmer discussed areas of improvements for Rubles.

"He'll have to learn the different concepts of the different coverages," he said. "He'll have to learn that he will have more coverages to learn instead of only two. It's going to be more than just zone or man, and I'm sure they will do a great job of teaching him that."

"It's like anything else, whenever you go to the next level it's a little more complex, but he will adjust. He's such a big strong physical corner that it's just hard to beat him in man-coverage because he's so physical."

Palmer stated Rubles current size as, "6-2.5 205, that's a big corner," he said. "There's not very many of them in pro-football."

"He even plays better in a game than he practices. He just goes about his business quietly, and when I mean a quiet kid, you aren't even going to know he's around. You will never hear anything about him acting up or being late."

"He's just a good kid that I'm really proud that I got to coach. He came out of Berkner High School, and they did a great job with him."

Does he lose the "quiet" on the field?

"He does all his talking on the field, but he is a quiet, humble, modest, polite young man with a great smile, and he's shy," Palmer concluded.

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