Highlighted Post: A Grave Adjustment

With Graves slated to start against Iowa, a poster shares questions.

It seems to me that enough has been said (and speculated) about how long Wayne will be out, and even whether it will hurt our chances for getting into the NCAAs.

The length of Dub's absence is not something we can control, and really isn't anything Phoggers can even know with any degree of reliability.

So, I'd like to bring up a different topic. What, if any, changes to the playbook will Graves bring if he's asked to shoulder Wayne's minutes? Will Roy adjust to a slightly different style or will he expect Graves to do the adjusting?

In my opinion, the thing we will miss from Wayne, even more than his scoring and rebounding, is his mobility. With those soft hands of his, he can float to the high post, stretch the opponent's interior defense, and either hit the 10 footer or pass to Nick cutting to the bucket. He's at least a two-dimensional threat. We mustn't underestimate the value of that kind of mobility in a big man.

With Jeff, the equation changes. His hands aren't nearly as soft and he hasn't been in game shape long, so I expect to see more turnovers. He's more of a low-post banger - not that Wayne isn't, but it seems to be pretty much the total of Jeff's game.

I can't envision running plays where the ball ends up in Jeff's hands unless the play is designed to deliver a dunk. He's at his best slamming bodies for rebounds and getting garbage points, but I haven't seen him demonstrate any range at all to his jumper.

The question of his game conditioning also needs to be considered. He's only now showing some spring in his step after a few trips down the court. How will he do after 15 or 20 minutes of up-and-down? Does the KU transition game suffer, or does Roy play Nash equal minutes just to keep running?

Nick will now go from being our best low post option to being our only one. The other team can focus more attention on him and not worry if Jeff is left open from 10 or 15. You couldn't do that with Wayne. Put Nash in and the picture doesn't change much.

I see so many things here that will change the look and feel of the Jayhawk game plan, and it's hard to find any real silver linings. We'll still be a good team, but the question is will we be better if Roy adjusts to Jeff or if Jeff adjusts to Roy? Run him til he pukes, or go small?

Posted by HawkAlum.
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