Daniel Gibson answers the Phog Four

Enough pesky analysis or thought provoking discussion. Phog.net checks in with Daniel Gibson, asking the 6'3 G questions no self respecting journalist would dare.

1) Snack food preference? Cookies -- chocolate chip cookies.

2) What is the last good movie you have seen? Jonah.

3) What is in your CD player right now. It is a mix tape. Rap and hip hop mostly.

4) How do you get ready for a big game? I like to be off by myself with a CD. I listen to "Number One" by Nelly.

Gibson was recently featured in the Houston Chronicle as the Athlete of the Week.

Injured or not. Rested or not. There aren't many who wouldn't pick Jones' Daniel Gibson to lead their team. No matter the circumstances, the junior guard always seems to come through.

Gibson keeps Falcons flying high (Houston Chronicle)

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