POTW: Wally Mo's Random Thoughts

The infamous random thoughts of an long time poster.

-- Let's not get too carried away. ISU laid down for us. "Kansas" on the uniform doesn't intimidate like it used to, but it did last night. I'm much more concerned with how the team will react in a close game without Simien -- and there will be close games in the future.

-- Jeff Graves last night played exactly like he was supposed to play. He's a big man, and a former Juco stud. Plus he has the intimidating cornrows that appeared to frighten the hell out of the ISU bigs. 7-10 points and 7-10 boards a game is all we need from him. To ask for more is hoping too much.

-- My wife doesn't think Vroman is ugly. Just gangly. She thinks -- correctly in my book -- that Wallymo is a handsome devil. Does that mean her whole system is out of whack? Frankly, it's too disturbing to contemplate.

-- Hey! Aaron Miles can shoot! I don't know if this will become a new trend, but if it does, look out. The best part is that he scored in a variety of ways. Without Simien down low, it is imperative that the man guarding our point guard not be allowed the luxury of sagging down into the paint. Aaron's new-found shot can force them to guard on the perimeter, allowing either an unencumbered dump-down to Collison or dribble penetration. The offense runs in a different gear when his shot is falling.

-- Does anyone doubt that Danny Manning will coach one day? The guy just loves the game. Still working out daily in hopes of catching on for one more half-season of running up and down the court on his 70-year old knees. Surely he has all the money he needs. I just don't think he can ever get hoops out of his blood.

-- Keith Langford still needs a lot of work on his defense. His offense, however, is better than I dared hope -- and I had pretty high expectations. Gregoryesque around the hoop, and clearly developing an outside shot. Should he stick around another couple of years and continue to improve his outside shooting, he's a first-rounder.

-- Nick Collison makes me giggle.

-- After wrestling with it for a couple of weeks, I've made my peace with the JR Giddens situation. Roy is obviously going to bring him on campus next year. What's the harm? I've never been one to tout that KU is the squeakiest, cleanest program around. Who cares? We're not Cincy either. JR obviously made a really stupid decision. But it's not one of my "cardinal" sins that would prevent his enrollement. Those sins include rape, murder, academic fraud, assault, indecent exposure (I wouldn't have wanted BJ after what we learned later), and incitement to riot. A Peter Warrick shopping spree falls somewhere below those guidelines. Although not ideal, we really need a small forward. Does that make me a bad person?

-- To repeat my mantra of the year -- two above-average seniors is more than sufficient to make the final four. Even without Simien, there is really no excuse for not making it to New Orleans. A couple of experienced studs with a bunch of role players should be adequate this year. And Langford and Miles are better than role players. Wallymo knows all, sees all.

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