Daniel Gibson: Up Tempo

It is tough keeping track of all these Texas recruits. However, Gibson has distinguished himself.

I have a confession to make.

Last year I routinely confused Daniel Gibson and Jason Horton. While this was a breech of proper recruitnik etiquette, my bewilderment had some basis. Both were highly regarded sophomore guards and both were smooth shooters from Texas. Both had Texas and North Carolina on their early lists and both fathers were visibly involved in their recruitment. To further muddle my mind, Jason even had a touted older brother named Daniel.

By mid summer, however, I had it figured out. In fact, by mid summer most casual recruiting spectators knew both Daniel Gibson and Jason Horton.

Daniel Gibson was the 6'2 combo guard who played for Houston Hoops on the AAU circuit and led Jesse Jones during the season. Ranked in the top 5-10 nationally for his class, Gibson was an excellent student and idolized Michael Jordan. Gibson was a friend of Texas bound TJ Ford.

"I prefer high school ball over AAU," said Gibson. "It means more. In the summer you might take a day off because you are not playing for anything. It is not the same as being with your team, your friends, and having a big rival or trying for a title."

Still, summer ball was good to Gibson. He emerged as an elite guard with the offers and the recruiting madness that follow.

"My least favorite part is all of the letters," admitted Gibson. "There is so much mail. I don't even read it any more."

"The most interesting thing is getting to know all of the coaches and seeing how they recruit you. Some are up front and others beat around the bush, just telling you how great you are."

Which method does Gibson prefer? Up front, of course.

"I want to know the truth, not what they think I want to hear," added Gibson.

Gibson feels his strengths are ball handling and shooting, something most analysts seem to agree with. "I am working on my entire game though, especially strengthening and conditioning," said Gibson.

Gibson reported to model his game after Isaiah Thomas, though he admired Michael Jordon.

"He is so fun to watch," said Gibson enthusiastically. "Just amazing."

When asked what he will look for in a school, his response came quickly and easily. After all, it is likely he had repeated a version for months and will continue to do so as the question keeps coming.

"The overall environment and how I get along with the team. The style of play is important. I like to play up tempo," said Gibson.

"I definitely want to visit Kansas and Oklahoma," said Gibson. "I may not visit Texas because I have been there several times. North Carolina is in there too."

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