Kansas Targets At NBPA Camp

Roughly half of the 2009 NBPA Top 100 Camp is complete. Through three rounds of games and a surprise Friday All-Star game, Harrison Barnes is just one of several Kansas targets who has been shining in Charlottesville.

Each year, the NBPA Top 100 Camp looms large as one of the premier events of the grassroots circuit. The 2009 edition, however, may be the most competitive and well selected one yet and it's also been one loaded with prospects -- of varying degrees -- that Kansas fans have gotten to know quite well.

Kansas Targets At NBPA

Joe Jackson- Sometimes he lists the Jayhawks, sometimes he doesn't, but there's been some mutual interest over the past few months between Jackson and the Kansas. At NBPA, Jackson has not so surprisingly been one of the top scorers in camp and led the Friday afternoon All-Star game in scoring with 14. His quickness, toughness and shot creation are top notch and he's going to battle in every game. Now, there are times where he forces the issue and misses teammates for an easier play but that's the ebb and flow of having Jackson on the floor.

Ray McCallum - It's been an interesting camp for McCallum. At times -- for instance with Josh Selby -- he's struggled to keep more physical point guards out of the lane. On the other hand, he's been much more explosive on drives to the bucket than in the past himself. He hasn't taken a bunch of jumpers and like always, he's been solid in running a team. He's not flashy, but he's safe and smart with the ball.

Doron Lamb- It's been a very solid camp for Lamb who is easily one of the craftiest two guards in camp. Not the quickest or most athletic guy, he deftly creates shots between 5 and 15 feet off the dribble and has pretty much any floater, runner, or pull-up jumper that you can think of in his arsenal. The sleepy eyed scorer is adding some strength and it's showed while he's finished through some contact.

Trevor Releford- An elite camper just a few weeks ago, Releford has more than held his own after drawing a late invite. One of the few point guards in camp who has concentrated on getting teammates the ball first, he's impressed with his passing and creativity off the dribble. After going for 8 points in each of his first two camp games, he looked for his shot a little more in a fine 12 point effort during his third game of camp. He'll trip to Alabama for their elite camp next week.

Harrison Barnes- Prior to camp, Barnes made a request to camp director Dave Telep to test him with tough matchups in each game and Telep obliged. In three games he's gone head to head with Illinois bound stud Jereme Richmond, Texas bound Tristan Thompson and 2011's #1 player Michael Gilchrist. So far, he's battled his way to some solid efforts even though his jumper hasn't been dropping like it did earlier this spring. With the jumper not falling, he's gone to work on the offensive glass and in the high post where no wing in the country can match his turnaround game. Not surprisingly, he was voted by his peers into the camp All-Star game.

Brandon Knight- If a camp MVP were to be named at this point, Knight would likely be the runaway winner. Tallying almost double the votes of anybody else at the camp (in voting done by campers), he was an easy selection to the All-Star game and has done some serious work. Off the dribble, as a jump shooter, as a passer, as a defender, he's simply dominated in all aspects of the game. He might not be admitting it, but he has the look of a guy who is really gunning for the #1 spot in the class of 2010.

Terrence Jones- Playing primarily at the power forward position, Jones has been very steady. He's kept the ball handling mistakes to a minimum, has rebounded, played solid defense and used his length around the rim. He's not a sportscenter highlight type of guy, but he's very effective and his versatility has allowed him to do quite a bit of damage.

Brandon Knight- If an MVP were to be named through this point in camp, the 6-foot-3 Floridian would easily be the winner. He's scored from deep, he's scored at the rim and he's scored everywhere in between. A straight line speed demon who really excels in the pick and roll, Knight has taken on all comers and proven again and again that he's the man at the point guard position. In fact, he's looking to make it very interesting between he and Barnes for tops in the class of 2010.

Trey Zeigler - This was Phog's first look at Zeigler and he's impressed. A sturdy wing who can shoot from deep, put it on the floor and is solid in all aspects of the game. Matter of fact, it's pretty easy to tell that he's the son of a coach and he looks to be a legitimate top 50 type player at this point.

Adreian Payne - Now here's a different kind of cat. He's got all of the talent in the world and at times he's even willing to show it off. Then, there are times where he just kind of goes through the motions and doesn't really seem to care whether or not he gets the ball. Given his combination of skill, athleticism, grace and size, he's got top 10 ability should he ever decide to leave the light on at all times.

Rakeem Christmas- One of the few 2011 prospects in camp, Christmas is rapidly emerging as one of the top bigs in his class. The Philly bred big man is a physically imposing defender who swats shots and gobbles up rebounds, but he's got some offense too. Jump hooks, turnaround jumpers and towering slams have been part of his scoring repertoire in camp and he was the only underclassmen voted into the All-Star game.

Cameron Clark- At this point, camp directors may want to put out and APB on the whereabouts of the real Cam Clark. After an impressive Spring, Clark has been eerily quiet at NBPA. He's played, but hasn't made much of an impact on either end and has been one of the biggest head scratchers in camp.

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