Wrapping Up The Peach Jam

The first half of the July evaluation period comes to a close today. Phog.Net wraps up it's coverage of Jayhawk and other targets at the Peach Jam.

After getting off to a great start on Sunday, things never slowed down on Monday and Tuesday at the Peach Jam in North Augusta, S.C. Predicted to be the event of the summer by many, the Peach Jam didn't disappoint in any way as tons of high level guys took the floor in front of even more high level coaches and put in work.

Phog.Net was on hand and takes a final look at some of the top prospects from the event. We'll cover the Kansas targets/potential targets first before moving on to other standouts.

Potential Kansas Targets At The Peach Jam

Adreian Payne, PF, All Ohio Red – Save for some flashes here and there, Payne was rather quiet and a bit of a disappointment when compared with his reputation. At 6-foot-9, he's got incredible run/jump athleticism and is quite agile for a guy his size. When he's got the motor cranked up and is running the floor for dunks, rebounds, blocked shots and mixing in some short jumpers he looks great. However, at some point he's got to develop some consistency if he wants to reach his potential.

Doron Lamb, SG, New York Gauchos – Some guys are just naturally wired to score and he's one of them. His herky-jerky style of putting it on the floor and scoring with a dizzying array of pull-ups, runners, floaters and tough finishes in the rim is quite impressive. A good, but not great, athlete, he is reliant upon his creativity on the offensive end. Added strength has made him a better defender than in the past and he says that he'll visit Kansas. However, until he's willing to put a date other than "sometime this summer" on that visit, you have to wonder just how interested both sides are.

Kyle Wiltjer, PF, Drew Gooden Soldiers – When he's on from deep – as he was for multiple games – it's easy to fall in love with this defense stretching faceup four man. He's got easy range to 23 feet and comes off of staggered screens with the confidence of Ray Allen. Fond of one dribble pull-ups as well, he's capable of using his 6-foot-8 size to shoot over defenses. Not a high flyer, he runs the floor pretty hard even though he kind of shuffles his feet as he runs. What would really take him to the next level is more focus on producing points and rebounds within eight feet of the hoop. He's tremendously skilled in the post and could become even more dangerous as a shooter by mixing up his inside and outside skills a bit more.

Gary Bell, PG, Seattle Rotary Select – While it's hard to label him a Kansas target just yet, he certainly drew the intention of the Jayhawks staff and has them intrigued. A hard playing and versatile lead guard, he's athletic, quick, shoots pretty well and plays very hard. Because of his ability to score and draw trips to the free throw line he can also play off the ball. Perhaps most impressive, though, is his tough and aggressive on the ball defense. Tony Wroten gets all of the hype in the Seattle area for the class of 2011, but Bell outplayed his summer teammate in North Augusta, at least in a couple of games.

Terrence Jones, PF/SF, I-5 Elite – An argument can be made that the versatile lefty was among the top 10-15 players at the event. Competing in a loaded pool, he did damage on the glass, in transition, as a passer and shot the ball from the perimeter better than he has in a while. Exactly where he's fit position wise on the next level was a point of serious contention among college coaches but the bottom line is that he can play. Kansas continues to watch and will evaluate him more during the second part of the month.

Sam Thompson, SF/SG, Mac Irvin Fire – Kansas fans may want to keep an eye on this 2011 wing because the Jayhawks staff certainly is. Long and wiry, he's a ridiculous athlete who combines explosive leaping ability with terrific lateral quickness and impressive body control. He explodes off the floor for jumpers, can create a shot off the dribble and runs for days. At this point he's a bit wild and not the most consistent guy around, but an argument could easily be made that he's the best prospect from the state of Illinois in his class.

Other Peach Jam Standouts

Jared Sullinger, PF/C, All Ohio Red- The bulky big man has always been a standout who operates in a similar fashion to the way Kevin Love did. He uses a big body, superior skill, great timing and soft touch to score in every way imaginable around the hoop and has the touch to face the hoop comfortably to 15 feet. Now, he's dropped some pounds and is in the best shape he's ever been making him even quicker and more dominant. Ohio State is getting a total stud and a top five player in Sullinger.

Tobias Harris, PF/SF, Albany City Rocks – One of the true standouts for the event, this kid is on a collision course with serious consideration for the McDonald's AA game. Always a clever and skilled faceup four man, Harris has tightened up his perimeter game and gone to work on his body. Offensively, he can certainly play a good deal at the three but defending there is the question. Regardless, the kid deserves tons of credit for getting himself into a gym and taking his body and game to a new level.

Jeremy Lamb, SG/PG, Georgia Stars – At least one writer (ahem, wink) predicted back in May that he was a sleeper recruit that ACC and SEC teams should be monitoring. After the Peach Jam, nearly everybody is going to be monitoring this slender combo guard. A dynamic scorer off the dribble, his mid range game is on point and he blends it with just enough forays to the rim and deep jumpers to keep defenders on edge. He won't be a full time ball handler, but he runs a team well enough to take the ball in transition and get the team into an offense making him a valuable secondary ball handler.

Keala King, SG/PG, California Supreme – A slinky and versatile combo guard, the slender lefty is a favorite of the author. He creates off the dribble, plays with some flair and is an exceedingly clever scorer who can finish surprisingly well with his right hand. Now, he's got to be more consistent and get his jumper a bit more ironed out, but he's a legit high major prospect.

Brandon Young, PG, Team Takeover – Schools are starved for point guard recruits and because of that he should get some high major looks. At 6-foot-2 he's got excellent size for the position and a good feel. Takes care of the ball, delivers to teammates in scoring position on time and he's an above average defender. If the defense backs off, he's also capable of knocking down jumpers from 15-20 feet.

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