Super Showcase Underway in Orlando

With most of the big-time coaches heading to Las Vegas for a few stellar tournaments out there the lower profile Super Showcase began Tuesday in Orlando. The 15U group took centerstage with a couple of possible KU targets in action.

Most of the bleachers were empty and so were the folding chairs where many of the country's top coaches will sit before week's end but nonetheless the 15U Super Showcase commenced Tuesday with pool play.

Marcus Paige – 6-0 Point Guard - Martin Bros. Select (2012)
One good thing about beginning your summer basketball viewing with a Martin Bros. team is that you can count on some solid fundamental basketball. Never too flashy, but always competitive and tough, the Iowa-based AAU team once again did not disappoint.

The 6-0 Paige runs the show efficiently for his squad without having to dominate the basketball. There is no incessant pounding of the basketball out on the perimeter. Paige is extremely cognizant of having his head up and sharing the basketball.

The 2012 lefty did not have the opportunity to take many shots but in the first game of the day showed a nice little power dribble to the foul lane and pull up midrange J. Where Paige really impresses is in the open court. He has that smoothness about his game that a lot of the high major prospects have at a young age. It's easy to see why Iowa and Iowa State don't want Paige leaving the state. Paige can really finish and of course prefers to use the left hand. At one point he displayed a deadly crossover move, drove it right, and finished with the left hand drawing the foul.

In the half court the offense clicks with Paige on the floor and he makes very few mistakes. He even attempted to post up a smaller guard on the offensive end in the half court. On the defensive ends his arms are long and active and he can cause havoc. He gets his hands on a lot of passes. Late in game 1 he made a terrific steal but missed the dunk at the other end. Paige showed off his athleticism when he went up in traffic and nearly tipped one home. He fits the mold of a high major in the making.

The problem was Martin Brothers did not have much competition in either game today and Paige spent a fair amount of time resting. Marcus had 8 points in a Martin Brothers romp in game 1, 65-45.

In the night game, yet another romp (80-52), Paige helped his team get off to a quick start and finished with 13 points, eight of them coming in the first quarter and it included a long range three.

Like I mentioned earlier, the Martin Brothers teams area well-coached and have some other talented kids. Jerel Moore (6-4, 2011) impressed with his hops and his overall athleticism. 6-10 Adam Woodbury has some skills as a center and made a terrific interior behind the back pass today that any big man would envy.

Ishmail Wainright – 6-4 Guard/Forward – Kansas City Cowboys (2013)

Ishmail is drawing plenty of attention for being as polished as he is and he is no stranger to the Kansas City area. But it won't be long before the rest of the country catches on to this budding high school star continues to watch his stock rise.

The first thing you notice is the width of his shoulders and that is body is advanced for his age. How high of a major prospect might just depend on how big he gets. If he grows two to three more inches I would think he would be a real handful and draw high major attention. If he gains those inches he could be an effective forward instead of an undersized one.

I was impressed with how strong his hands were. He can really pull a rebound down in traffic. It is often you check out a player for the first time with the idea that they will likely dominate. Wainright doesn't dominate by scoring but he is always a part of the action. He doesn't have to score to be part of the action. Whether it's a rebound, taking a charge, or making a smart pass, he stands out without having to go one-on-one with the opposition. He truly fits in the team concept and loves to share the basketball. His shot seems a tad flat or it could've been just Tuesday night but he did shoot a few free throws that were line drives. He is athletic with long arms – and what prospect these days isn't – but I'd love to see his jumper a few times to see how that part of his game is.

Ishmail's Cowboys got off to a sluggish start but really turned it on in the end with a big fourth quarter push. The Cowboys ended up winning by a sizeable margin (57-42). Wainwright finished with six points and was a key part of a late push as this game was tied at 34 at one point. Top Stories