Super Showcase Day 2 Report

15U play continued with bracket play while the 16U Super Showcase began pool play. Kansas coaching staff was well-represented checking out prospects from both age groups.

Ishmail Wainright – 6-4 Guard/Forward – Kansas City Cowboys (2013)

I opted to kick off the day with another peek at KC Cowboy Ishmail Wainright. The first thing I noticed was that Wainright was playing with 2 fingers taped together on his shooting hand. Still don't have a great gauge on how adept his jumper actually is. He missed a floater from the foul line extended and up until the second quarter when he nailed a three, I wasn't sure if his range extended past the foul line. He still shoots it a tad bit flat especially at the foul line but this kid makes up for it in a lot of other areas.

Wainright has a terrific feel for the game and makes very few mistakes I watched him bait the opposing guard into a steal which he promptly finished with a dunk on the other end. He also made a nice catch in traffic for a layup and had nine points at the half of this one with KC leading 41-13.

The real highlight came in the third quarter where he came from the foul line to make a steal at half court and finished with a thunderous one hand slam at the other end. In two days of watching him the only mistake I saw was a cross court pass Wainright threw away for a turnover. The best players in these AAU games always seem to have such a feel for the game that stands out above the rest and Ishmail has that. Wainright led the Cowboys to a comfortable 57-42 win and perfect record in pool play.

In the night session KC took the floor in the Gold bracket and bowed out with a tough 66-62 loss.

Marcus Paige – 6-0 Point Guard – Martin Bros. Select (2012)

The class of 2012 has a budding star on its hands. I simply can't get enough of Marcus Paige's game. KU assistant coach Joe Dooley was in house watching Paige lead Martin Bros to a spotless pool play record (3-0) without really being challenged.

In the night session bracket play began vs. Team Pride Wooley. Paige again ran the show flawlessly. He just doesn't turn it over, rarely makes a bad decision, and understands that the simple pass is sometimes the best one. He is amazingly adept at a young at age at having his head up at all times. He understands how to use his eyes, head, and body to distract a defender, and he does it all with the greatest of ease.

On the defensive end with Martin Bros. playing some man in this one, you can see how he can be a defensive presence. Paige can ball hawk and gets his hands on a lot of passes.

On the offensive end, he made a couple of no look passes, and a behind the back pass – never to be flashy though – those were the right plays at the time. There is no showing off, he simply makes the right play when it has to be made. I'm extremely impressed with how he handles himself, and runs the team. From catching a napping defender with a terrific inbounds pass, to firing a pass hard to the middle against a press, he just knows and understands how to play the game. If I could nit pick one thing it would be that I'd like to see him able to finish some plays with his right hand, but that is really splitting hairs.

More Notes:

- Joe Dooley was also in house watching the Arkansas Wings, DC Assault, Metro Hawks, and Alabama Challenge.

- The Wings sat Hunter Mickelson and Kye Madden for most of the day. Mickelson did play in the night session. Watched for a bit during my gym-hopping and noticed he's obviously very tall and slender and if you take something weak in the lane it is coming back at you. Even saw him block a couple with the left hand, but on the offensive end he wasn't really a factor. The real show for the Wings was in the afternoon game when Derek Daniels simply could NOT miss from three and hit six of them notching 23 points.

- The Alabama Challenge features a couple of athletes in Roquez Johnson and Roderick Stinson. Johnson is a quick powerful leaper and made the highlight real with a couple of athletic jams. Stinson is probably the more polished of the two with post moves but they are both outstanding athletes in the 6-5 to 6-7 height range.

- DC Assault – has a big-time finisher from the class of 2011 in Tion Barnes. Wow…at 6-4 he was on the receiving end of an oop in traffic and threw it down for a HUGE one-hand flush. Kesse Kouassi Bernard at 6-8 appears to be slightly raw but you can really see there might be some potential there. He's tall and slender but doesn't quite have the polished finishing moves on the interior. What he lacks in strength he makes up for with some nifty footwork and pivoting. Pierre Koffi from the class of 2010 likes to mix it up inside and at 6-7 he is also a stellar athlete. Didn't see much of his skills but he likes to finish at the rim and get out in the open court, he's not afraid to mix it up down low either. He had a Jordanesque reverse today that turned heads in the Jostens Center. There are some serious athletes on this team that like to play above the rim for sure. Top Stories