Versatile Williams Has Options

When Baltimore's Avery Williams talks about his recruitment, one thing remains very clear: He has a passion for the game.

"I could sleep in the locker room."

A player like Avery Williams is not common, making him a hot commodity on many schools' lists. What sets the speedy prospect apart?  Versatility.

"I have been playing offense all of my life, and I line up pretty well at a few positions.  But I have really started to take interest on D.  I will play wherever a school wants me and I trust that I can be successful."

Last season, Williams had 3 receiving touchdowns along with his 6 rushing touchdowns.  However, Williams also picked off quarterbacks 3 times.  Where do his suitors want to use him?  Lining up at wide receiver?  Coming out of the backfield?  In the defensive secondary?  The possibilities seem endless for the athlete from Washington D.C.  What schools are involved?

West Virginia - "I love WVU.  The facilities are awesome, and if you love football, it's great.  Right now, they have the advantage, but I haven't gotten a chance to see their campus yet."

Georgia - "I am camping there on the 17th and 18th.  I will be going there for the first time and it will also be the first time I have been to the state of Georgia."  Georgia has not yet offered a scholarship but they view Avery as a defensive back.

Kansas - "I really like the Big XII.  The advantage of Kansas is that you play the Texas schools and Oklahoma.  They are looking at me on both sides of the ball.  They run the spread and I could get open a lot on offense.  "

Utah - "They have swagger that nobody else really has.  They never get much respect in the rankings but they still keep their composure and they always go undefeated."

Michigan State - "They have a very nice offense and I enjoy watching the Big Ten.  Their running back (Javon Ringer) went to the NFL and I loved watching him in their schemes."

Right now West Virginia might stand on top but Kansas is not too far behind out of the schools that have offered.

"The atmosphere in Lawrence is nothing but fun.  Everyone loves the school because it is a college town."

A visit to KU is something that Williams hopes to make happen before making a decision.  

"I want to see all of my options and then try and decide on the night of our first game of the season, which is August 29th.  If I am not ready I will try to choose midway through the season."

Every player is looking for certain things when picking a school.  What is Avery Williams looking for?

"I want to go somewhere that has a good healthcare program because I want to be a pro trainer.  Academics are important and I want to have fun on and off of campus.  I am looking for a place that I can call my second home."

At 5'10 ½" and 173 lbs., Williams runs a sub-4.5 forty.  He is a jack-of-all-trades but wants to improve some of his skills.

"I am always working on my speed.  I want to get quicker in and out of cuts.  My strength is key too because at the next level everything is going to be bigger."

The recruiting process is not bothering Williams, but that is because he is not letting it.

"Right now I try not to let pressure get to me.  Concentrating on my team and paying attention to what my teammates are doing is more important."

Whether it's in the Big East, Mountain West, Big XII, or some other conference, one lucky school will end up rewarded for their efforts. Top Stories