Ohio End Checks In

Recruiting is a process for everyone. The coaches and the players spend lots of time with it and sometimes it can be stressful. One player is doing his best not to let it affect him. That player is Brookhaven defensive end Derrick Bryant from Columbus, Ohio.

"It's going pretty good.  I am really focusing on my upcoming season.  I have been talking to coaches some but I am not taking any summer visits that I know of."

A concrete list of favorite schools is not something that Bryant has decided on yet, but he did mention a couple that he would like to officially visit.

"UCLA and Oregon I would like to see.  Maybe North Carolina, maybe Minnesota.  Coach Sims from Kansas called and offered, and it is a school that I want to check out because it is my only Big XII offer."

Kentucky, Michigan, Michigan State, and Purdue are schools that are close to home that he might visit un-officially.  

What is Bryant looking for in a school, and what is he trying to improve on going in to his senior season?

"I want to go to a school that I can help change a program.  The big thing is the relationship I have with the strength and conditioning coach.  They really reflect the player's success on the field."

"I am never satisfied with any part of my game.  I can never say ‘I'm good at this' or ‘I'm good at that' because then I don't work as hard in that area.  I am trying to work on staying low and getting opposing players' hands out of my face."

Bryant is 6'4 ½" and says his weight fluctuates between 225 and 230.  

"Right now I weigh about 232.  I have gotten a lot bigger and stronger but my weight is around the same number because I have gotten more muscle and lost some fat."

A decision will be made when Bryant feels most comfortable, and there is no specific time frame.  
"I would like to choose and be finished as soon as possible so that I can focus on my senior season."

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