KU vs. K-State: The rivalry is still fun.

Phog.net users were invited to vote for their favorite delusional quote from a KSU fan.

Thanks to Evolvehawk for scouring Kstatefans.com looking for posts regarding the upcoming Kansas State match up. After a full day of tabulation, the results were as follows:

  • KU will have trouble limiting KSU quicker guards from getting good looks (45.1%)
  • Heinrich is the only consistent threat from 3--and he has trouble creating his own shots (23.5%)
  • At least we don't have to watch Boschee anymore, and crack baby Gooden is gone. However, Spock is still around. (12.4%)
  • Can we make this a slugfest? Last year, in the big 12 champ. game OU just came out and took the game to them, and MAN did KU get flustrated (9.8%)
  • Collison is a stud but can be contained. (9.2%)

Thanks to the Wildcat fans for letting us play along.

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