Big Tex Has Big Options

At a young age, Jatashun Beachum established himself as a formidable force on the defensive line.

"I had played defensive line all my life and I loved it."

Then when eighth grade year rolled around, things would never be the same.
"I tried out for running back because my high school coach thought I had potential there.  I turned out to be pretty good, and I think people started to notice me."

His freshmen year of high school, however, Jatashun Beachum did not line up on the D-line, and he didn't take snaps at running back.

"As a freshman they re-evaluated me and they put me at quarterback.  I played in the first game because I was better than the starter, and I threw for about 280 yards."

That was when people really started to notice Beachum.

His sophomore season he started on varsity and the ball started rolling.

Although he wants to improve his speed, he runs a 4.7 second forty (A time that is pretty good for someone who is 6'2" and weighs 280 lbs.).

"I want to improve on my passing and show people that I can do more than just run."

The process has been going well, but Jatashun had this to say about his decision date:

"I'm going to commit soon.  It could be tomorrow, it could be next week, but it will be soon."

The versatile player from A Maceo High School in Dallas, TX is down to a list of 5 schools, and he is considering a couple of things when he chooses a college.

"I want to fit in with the players and with the program for sure.  I want to go somewhere that will help prepare me for a better future and a better life."

At one point it looked as though Kansas might be the place that Beachum would consider attending, but things have changed.

"I loved the coaches but I didn't particularly like the school itself.  No disrespect because I think they have a good program, but it just wasn't me."

Right now it looks as though Beachum might be wearing blue somewhere else.
"Florida was my dream school and I wanted to commit right after I visited, but my family told me to wait and see what else was out there.  They are definitely in my top 5."

What other schools are in Big Tex's top 5?

Tennessee- "They show me lots of love.  My mom loves them too because they send us letters a lot in the mail.  I have always been a UT fan.

Oklahoma- "Texas schools never really looked at me very hard.  I loved Longhorn football growing up and when Texas didn't have room for me, I got a call from the OU coaches and they talked to me about playing in Norman.  I told them I would think about it and I got real excited."

Oregon- "Man it's a beautiful place.  They just seem to get better and better every year."

Arizona- "U of A sends me a bunch of mail and I really like the love they show.  I get calls whenever they are allowed to contact me and I watch them on T.V. sometimes."

"I will work hard no matter what I play.  I love to run big plays on offense, and if I go on D, I will have no problem with that."

The school that lands Beachum wouldn't have a problem with that either. Top Stories