Smith In A Unique Situation

Roscoe Smith made the decision to attend Oak Hill for his senior year. Because of that, his recruitment presents some unique issues for those who are involved with him.

Every Sepember, high school basketball prospects around the country begin to host college coaches on in home visits and set out for official visits. However, Roscoe Smith and his family find themselves in a unique situation. Because of the 6-foot-7 wing's decision to leave Baltimore and attend traditional powerhouse Oak Hill for his senior season, coaches can go see Smith at Oak Hill but they have to do in home visits with his family back in Baltimore.

While the situation has created some interesting scheduling, his father Brian Thompson says that it was the best move for his son.

"There's no distractions. It's basketball and academics," said Thompson of Oak Hill. "Just to get the opportunity to get to play at a program like Oak Hill, it's definitely preparing him for college. The kid has never been away before. I'd rather him take his bumps and bruises from being away from home now than in his first years of college."

After putting up big numbers early in his career at Walbrook High, Smith has developed a reputation for his athleticism and versatility. However, in comparison to many of his peers, he's a guy that national recruiting analysts and college coaches haven't been able to see a lot of on the recruiting trail.

Most kids are known as a number one through five, he's just a player," said Thompson. "If he's not scoring, he's rebounding. If he's not rebounding, he's blocking shots. People haven't really seen what he can do yet. That will change this year at Oak Hill."

"Wherever there is a mismatch at, you can put him out there."

As things relate to in home visits, Smith's parents have already hosted coaches from Kansas, Connecticut and Georgetown since Wednesday. Next week, they'll entertain the coaching staffs from Florida, Duke and UCLA while all of those schools will also stop by Oak Hill to see Roscoe.

According to Thompson, it's tough to say a lot about the process until the visits are complete, but he believes his son is developing a nice relationship with Bill Self and the Jayhawks staff.

"Roscoe has been communicating with them a lot so that's been important," Thompson told Phog.Net. "Whatever they talk about that's their conversation. The first couple of years was getting to know me, now it's about him getting to know them. It seems to be going well."

Whether a decision will be made early or late is still up in the air. For now, it's just about completing the in home visits, getting a sense for where each school stands and then setting up official visits.

"Its exciting. We get to sit down in the comfort of our own home and entertain these coaches," said Thompson. "We've been dealing with the recruitment for over a year and half a now by phone. Relating to them and dealing with the coaches and building up relationships with them. It will be good to spend time with them." Top Stories