POTW: Observations from a calm voice of reason

Fan voices: All is not lost. This team is, not surprisingly, just inconsistent.

--Is anyone really surprised that this team has lost so many games? Whenever you subtract a great player and a good player from a team and replace them with a good (yet inexperienced) player and a moderately talented player, the team's performance is likely to slip. Folks, we simply don't have the horses we had last year.

--I love Roy, I love Kansas...but we need to bring in talented players every single year. Period. The window of opportunity on a championship these days is really narrow because of early entry. Any gap in the talent flow to your team is going to really limit your chances to win the big one.

--Aaron Miles is a very, very good point guard. The problem is that he is an upgraded version of Doug Gottlieb, who was also a very, very good point guard who handcuffed his team by not being able to make shots.

--Given how thin Kansas is and how strong our desire to run is, why aren't we playing some of our subs more in the blow out losses. Bryant, Moo-Moo, and Mike are not going to be all-stars. But they should be able to come in, play defense, and run-and-gun. If they can't, then they need to sit at the end of the bench for good. If they can, they need the game experience. If they can't, its time for the coaching staff to ask why these guys aren't developing. (I know Moo-Moo is a frosh, so the last sentence doesn't apply to him.)

--All is not lost. This team is, not surprisingly, just inconsistent. When they're on, they're among the best. When they're off, they can still beat the teams they should beat.

--Why all the angst over the Colorado loss? Ricky Ricardo has been upgrading the talent level there for sometime. The fact that he can't really prepare them is the only reason we kept beating them in their house. They were bound to break through sometime.

--This Kansas team reminds me a lot of the AZ team that crushed our NC hopes in 97. Really highly regarded before the season, disappointing during, etc. I don't have a lot of faith that it will end the same way for us as it did for them, but stranger things have happened.

--Roy. Honestly, is there really a Kansas fan that DOESN'T think he should try being a little more flexible? Sometimes, I'm begging him to try ANYTHING different. It doesn't mean ditching the whole system coach. But keeping people guessing is the key to coaching success. The Rams from the NFL are instructive here -- they're easily stopped (talent and all) when they throw on every down; they're a juggernaut when the coach mixes things up a little more.

Its a long season folks. We've had a pretty decent seasons so far, we just haven't had a really good one. A lot can happen in the next few months. I, for one, think this team can respond to the challenge.

Posted by Chiguy, January 24, 2003

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