Fireside with Frank Burlison

Kansas fans got their first opportunity to chat with Fox Sports analyst Frank Burlison in this, our first Premium chat brought to you by! The chat transcript is inside.

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Chat Date: January 26, 2003

Chat Time: 8:00 - 9:00 pm (Central)

A special "thanks" to Mr. Burlison for stopping by, and to our own Julie Jamison for hosting the chat.

Frank Burlison has entered Allen Field House
MrJayhawk : At least Alum is doing this live, I think
frankj : Frank, lookin' good!
rockhound : fingerprints please
Sayers : Who will be the next UCLA coach?
Frank Burlison : Hello KU fans
Jayhawkmom : Hi, Frank.
wayway : hi frank burlison
Frank Burlison : That is a tough one. The names you hear most often are…
rockhound : frank is that you
Dragonhawk : HI Frank. Welcome.
hhhawk : Welcome, Frank.
Frank Burlison : Ben Howland of Pittsburg who is a Southern California guy
basketballgirl13 : hi frank
Frank Burlison : Other names you hear a lot are Pat Douglass from UC Irvine. That is because the UCLA athletic director Daniel Guerrero came from Irvine and had hired Douglass. He likes him a lot.
Dragonhawk : Frank, have you seen Omar play this season and what do you think he brings for the Hawk.
Frank Burlison : Mark Few from Gonzaga is another one
MrJayhawk : UCLA wont go after a big name coach?
Frank Burlison : Yes, I have seen him (Omar) a few times. He will be a good 2 guard / wing for the Hawks
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Frank Burlison : He is thin right now and needs strength
Dragonhawk : Can he shoot the 3?
Frank Burlison : But he can shoot it really well. He is clever. He has potential to be a very good defensive player.
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Frank Burlison : I could potentially see him being a starter as a sophomore
satanraptor : Have you seen a bigger collapse then what the 'Hawks did this last weekend?
Frank Burlison : Yes, he can. (shoot the three) He is a good shooter, not a great shooter.
Sayers : What is the inside skinny on Simien, he looks close?
Crazy4Kirk : yah but we dont wont to rush him!
Crazy4Kirk : we definitely want him during tourney!
Frank Burlison : Wilkes would maybe remind you of Miles Simon from Arizona from the championship team
rockhound : won't see him till the big xii tourney
Frank Burlison : You remember that year, right?
frankj : FB, Haha, what happened this year against AZ?
Dragonhawk : Ufortunately I do.
Frank Burlison : No, I have never really seen a game like that with two good teams.
muffnudge has entered Allen Field House
Frank Burlison : I would guess Simien might play within a week or so.
Frank Burlison : But not against Texas.
Dragonhawk : Maybe MU?
rockhound : not going to happen. he has not been in contact drills yet
Frank Burlison : Who know, maybe for Nebraska
OSUGem has entered Allen Field House
Sayers : I predict Sat after 3 days of practice following TX
rockhound : I will be at lincoln, we'll see
Dragonhawk : Simien will help, but what do we do for a 3 point shooter?
catfaninabq has entered Allen Field House
catfaninabq : Evening all
Frank Burlison : As far as Kansas recruiting, I have seen Robert Swift play recently.
OSUGem has logged out
Frank Burlison : He is from Garces High School.
Sayers : What is your thoughts on MU and their struggles on and off court?
catfaninabq : Frank, you had the right idea doing this now. A very non-Super Bowl
Frank Burlison : 6'11 and really fast for a big guy. I think he is going to be one of the top 5 centers in the country.
Dragonhawk : Do we have a shot at him?
Frank Burlison : And one of the best shot blockers too.
Frank Burlison : Kansas has a good shot.
OSUGem has entered Allen Field House
Frank Burlison : The other player Kansas will have a great shot at from the West is Marvin Williams out of Bremerton
Frank Burlison : 6'8 forward
catfaninabq : Frank, isn't that Arizona's top prospect?
Frank Burlison : I think he is one of the top five overall for 2004
MrJayhawk : Are you hearing anything about Daniel Gibson?
frankj : NO Arizona questions!
Frank Burlison : Yes, Arizona wants him.
Frank Burlison : I think it will come down to Arizon, Kansas, possibly Duke and maybe Washington
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catfaninabq : That would be a major get for the Huskies
ChimChim has entered Allen Field House
Brock : What about Carolina?
Frank Burlison : If I had to eliminate one I would say Duke.
Crazy4Kirk : hey chim
Frank Burlison : sorry - hang on
Zona03 has entered Allen Field House
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Dragonhawk : Frank, have you seen Hill at all? Is he going to be a top player?
Brock : The RAIDERS are coming back
catfaninabq : Brock, no way is going to happen
Brock : Just kidding...trying to humor the bikers
Frank Burlison : Okay, sorry about that. I don't see Williams at Carolina.
catfaninabq : So how much would Simien have helped yesterday?
ChimChim : Time for Oakland to break out the arthritis liniment...
satanraptor has entered Allen Field House
Brock : Why not Carolina...he has several relatives there and Matt is working on him something fierce
Brock : Not that I WANT Marvin there. He would work perfectly in the KU system
ChimChim : Simien has shooting range out to 18'. Graves has range out to maybe 8'. That makes a big difference in clearing up the middle.
catfaninabq has logged out
Zona03 : Frank, is there any telling problem in that Arizona hasn't really played two good halfs this year.
Frank Burlison : I think that the other three will be the leaders for Williams. Carolina will be a factor, but I have heard most recently the other three are very string.
BullHawk has entered Allen Field House
Frank Burlison : strong
Sayers : What is the buzz on the relationship between Al Bohl, our AD and Roy. Grant Walh has twice referred to it as bad, recently.
Tom : Welcome, Bull
Frank Burlison : Okay, catching up here. I have not seen Hill but I know Missouri and Arkansas are very high on him
BullHawk : hi , sorry i'm late
Frank Burlison : He did not play last summer due to injuries so he has not had much exposure. As I said, I have not seen him.
Tom : We saved a seat for you, don't worry. ;-)
Frank Burlison : Simien would have helped alot, especially since Graves had such quick foul trouble. Kansas was so undersized without him. But
Frank Burlison : Quite frankly I am not sure anything would have made a difference looking at the way Arizona played in the second half
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Dragonhawk : KU looked shell shocked.
Sayers : Name your Final 4, you do not have to say KU.
Frank Burlison : For the Az question..I am sure Coach Olsen is concerned. With 11 more conference games to go they have enough time to round into a solid national championship contender by March.
catabolica has entered Allen Field House
ChimChim : Where Simien's absence really hurts is in having to play Niang. He just isn't looking like D-1 material. I don't think he would even be getting major sub minutes at a good Juco.
Frank Burlison : For a final four today I would say Arizona, and then four from the following five
Tom : Or, Arizona and three from the following five...
Dragonhawk : Coach Olson is concerned. How about Coach Williams>
Frank Burlison : Florida, Kentucky, Louisville, and Kansas. But of course Kansas will depend on Simien being back 100% and no one else getting hurt/
Zona03 : Thanks Frank. By the way, I think that your college hoops info is great. I'm from socal and have read you since your Press Telegram days.
satanraptor has logged out
Frank Burlison : Thanks Zona, that is always nice to hear.
ChimChim : Frank, you may have addressed this already, but is the "every other year" appearance to Roy's recruiting just a matter of luck?
Frank Burlison : As for Bohl and Williams, I am not familiar with that situation. I don't feel I am qualified to comment on that.
catabolica : Coach O better be concerned. I think KU may have beaten themselves. UA looked pretty bad in half 1. I don't think they are a lock for anything.
muffnudge : if there is a rift...get rid of Bohl
Frank Burlison : It is so hard to get two big (4-5 players) classes in a row because of the scholarship rules. It is also so hard to recruit outstanding players in the same position in back to back classes
satanraptor has entered Allen Field House
catabolica : Have we discussed Marvin?
muffnudge : yes
frankj : Keith, prostate trouble?
Dragonhawk : Do you know who the leaders are for Daniel Gibson and is there any truth to the rumor he said he would commit by Feb 27th?
Zona03 : Frank, with Bynum gone (one more scholi), what are the possibilities for future recruiting?
frankj : Enough with the AZ questions.
Frank Burlison : And sure, there is no such thing as a lock. Just ask the Raiders. But I can think of no other team in the country that has the kind of up side and experience that Arizona has right now.
catabolica : Who throws the ball away more than Zona?
Zona03 : Sorry frankj, but Phog invited us.
muffnudge : Zona...the possibilities of recruiting occur every year, so the chance of it happening again are 100%
Sayers : Frank, what is the buzz on Quin Snyders future? They seem to be struggling on and off the court?
catabolica : We KU be going after Gabe Pruitt?
Frank Burlison : I have heard Gibson might commit to Texas on that date, but I can not verify that. He certainly he is one of the top 25 prospects.
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Frank Burlison : Bynum departure did not surprise me. They are going to get Mustafa Shakur.
muffnudge : I'm glad Gibson is committing early, then Roy won't waste time chasing after someone who won't come here and he can focus on other Affalo
Frank Burlison : Arizona will have no more for this year.
Frank Burlison : They will probably look at a big player or two from the class of 2004. Such as Marvin Williams we talked about earlier.
Zona03 has entered Allen Field House
Dragonhawk : Is Ku recruiting Afflalo?
muffnudge : yes
Dragonhawk : I hear he is a real good shooter.
Frank Burlison : Pruitt is at Westchester and is ineligible because of a transfer problem. I am sure KU will recruit him to some extent
muffnudge : KU is trying to set up a visit with Pruitt for the ISU game
Frank Burlison : The best junior guard on the west coast is Pruitt's former high school teammate - Afflalo. I am sure Kansas is involed very heavily with him.
catabolica : Can Pruitt shoot the 3?
Brock : I saw Pruitt in Houston over the holiday and he was wearing Jayhawk hoops shorts in the stands
Frank Burlison : They are different types of players but Arron is bigger and stronger.
Frank Burlison : Arron is a potential McDonalds All American
Frank Burlison : Pruitt is a very, very good shooter but he is just thin.
muffnudge : I would be happy with a class of Williams, Affalo, and Darnell Jackson or Pruitt/Burleson
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Sayers : What about Giddens, did he kill his Mac AA chances?
satanraptor has logged out
catabolica has entered Allen Field House
Frank Burlison : I don't think so. I think he is going to be on a lot of ballots. We will know for sure next month.
muffnudge : Wasn't Sheldon Williams a MAA last year?
Brock : I would be excited if the Hawks could get Williams. He is sensational, IMO
frankj : Sheldon wasn't but I hear JR's getting votes
Frank Burlison : No, Williams was ineligible because he was suspended from his HS team.
Elliott32 has entered Allen Field House
muffnudge : thanks Frank
Dragonhawk : How good of an outside shooter is Giddens?
satanraptor has entered Allen Field House
Frank Burlison : I agree, Williams is sensational.
Frank Burlison : Giddens is a decent shooter, but he is more a spectacular athlete and slasher than a pure shooter.
Sayers : Talk about MU and their on and off court problems
Brock : Giddens is a quick leaper
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BullHawk : What about Wilkes?
frankj : Bull, he said Wilkes may turn out like Miles Simon
BullHawk : thanks
Frank Burlison : MU is struggling right now and certainly there has been some controversy with Clemons.
catabolica : Couldn't ask for much more than that
Frank Burlison : There is a precedence for reinstating players in that circumstance. Most notably a guard from Colorado names James Wright and Ford from St. Johns
Sayers : How come the old point Quin not land a good HS point guard? O for 5 recruiting classes.
Dragonhawk : How do you think KU will come out tomorrow night? Will they be steamed or hesitant?
Crazy4Kirk : steamed!
Frank Burlison : Jimmy McKinney is going to be a good PG down the road. He is a combo guard right now but I feel he will be a true PG
Brock : MU is trying hard to land Jason Horton from Cedar Hill (Dallas) TX
muffnudge : hesitant...and tired
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BullHawk : Have you talked about Padgett's ability to step right into D1 ball?
Frank Burlison : I am sure they will play with their usual tenacity and focus. The question will be can they hit enough jumpers to stretch out Texas' defense
Frank Burlison : And obviously can they stay out of foul trouble.
frankj : I don't think Texas will zone
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Frank Burlison : The transition fro HS to BIG 12 level basketball will be a smooth and relatively painless one for David Padgett
BullHawk : great..replacing Collison is a must
dragonhawk has entered Allen Field House
Sayers : Frank, you have been a big Kirk guy, but he has been up and down this year, what are your thoughts?
Frank Burlison : I think he has an excellent chance to start. However, if Graves continue to improve at the rate he has the last month, he may be more difficult to beat out.
muffnudge : who would you comapre Padgett's game to?
BullHawk : do you think KU would play two bangers like Graves and Simien together?
Crazy4Kirk : i think graves has impressed/surprised everyone!
Frank Burlison : I think Kirk's jump shot has been inconsistent. But even when his shot is not falling he plays so well in other areas. I am sure he will close strong and have a tremendous remainder of the season.
muffnudge : TB - 34-21
Brock : Jerry Rice!!!!!!!!! TD, Baby...Da Raidahs
hhhawk : What do you think the likelihood is that Simien can come back and avoid recurrent shoulder problems?
Frank Burlison : A player from the past I would compare Padgett to is Bill Laimbeer
Brock : Too bad the Raidahs overslept today
BullHawk : wow...bad boy
Brock : Bill Laimbeer?
Frank Burlison : He is very good around the basket but can also shoot well from 18-19 feet. I think he fits in perfectly in Roy's system. He is comfortable playing in the low post or the high post.
Sayers : Will Miles ever be a threat from 3? He has a good stroke but cannot his the side of a barn.
BullHawk : predict that and you could win a million
Crazy4Kirk : but is amazing w/ some of those passes!
Frank Burlison : Yes, the NBA center. I think so
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Tigerlady has entered Allen Field House
Frank Burlison : Yes, I think we will see Wayne's game continue to improve into next season and we will see Wayne with more versatility than people currently realize.
Frank Burlison : Those two together will be seen eventually.
Frank Burlison : That has always been the big question mark about Miles, even in high school.
satanraptor : Big Gravy (graves) and Wayne should form a very solid frontcourt next year...along with Padgett
BullHawk : the rotation should be great
Frank Burlison : Like Jacque Vaughn did, Miles will need to be a legitimate threat. To take his game to the next level he must become a consistent shooter.
Frank Burlison : As we saw Saturday a lot of teams may not play Aaron, sagging off of him and daring him to shoot
dragonhawk : Frank, gotta go but want to thank you for being here. I enjoy your articles and reports. You are always honest and I appreciate that.
satanraptor : Has Kirks recent shooting slump hurt his NBA draft potential?
catabolica : Franks is great
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Frank Burlison : No, NBA people love Kirk.
Frank Burlison : Most think the first college guard selected will be Kirk, possible somewhere in the lottery.
Sayers : EDF says he is free falling, I believe Frank
sergio has entered Allen Field House
muffnudge : what are scouts saying about Langford?
BullHawk : tough choice, sayers.....
dragonhawk has logged out
BullHawk : i'll agree
Frank Burlison : I think Langford is impressing them, as he is everyone.
Frank Burlison : But he will not go this year. He would be foolish to consider that
muffnudge : I agree
Frank Burlison : As well as he is playing, another season or two will make him a more valued commodity.
BullHawk : do you think he and Wayne could both go next year?
Brock : You also have to play some d to play in the NBA
Frank Burlison : I would be very surprised if either went.
cafranci : ask casey jacobsen about Langford's D
Brock : good point
KUHoops7 : ask Dixon
Frank Burlison : I think Nick and Kirk's decision to return really improved their stock this season. Players would be wise to learn from that example.
muffnudge : Casey isn't the caliber of Ray Allen, though
BullHawk : even with their inconsistency..that is good news
Brock : needs work fighting through picks which may never happen in the League
cafranci : that's true
Frank Burlison : Any last questions? I have some writing to do.
satanraptor : thanks for stopping by
BullHawk : really appreciate your time
muffnudge : Thanks, Frank for your time
Sayers : If we are healthy, who would you like in a KU_Duke regional final?
Brock : who wins the Miles/Ford battle?
cafranci : thanks--prediction for tomorrow?
Frank Burlison : If Kansas is healthy and can avoid fouls, I'd pick Kansas right now because of the strength of Collison, Simien, and Graves inside.
muffnudge : Duke - Ford - KU
Sayers : Thanks alot, enjoy you work, say hi to Rupert Murdock for me
potterlake has entered Allen Field House
Tom : Thanks to KUAlum for pulling this together.
Frank Burlison : It will be a great individual match up and the winner might be the one to hit two consecutive jump shots
muffnudge : Jules is awesome
Brock : Thank you Alum
Sayers : Thanks to Alum and tom
Frank Burlison : I think Kansas will bounce back and play very well over 40 minutes.
Frank Burlison : I'll go with a Kansas win.
frankj : Merci, y'all
muffnudge : Tom too
Tom : On behalf of Julie, you're welcome. ;-)
cafranci : thanks to everyone for putting this together
Frank Burlison : Rupe dog!
Tom : We'll post this transcript soon.
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Frank Burlison : I enjoyed visiting with you all, just as I am enjoying my stay in Lawrence. However, it is damn cold.
BullHawk : going to heat up tomorrow
muffnudge : 80 is So Cal
Frank Burlison : Good night.
muffnudge : in
BullHawk : night..thanks
wayway : thanks frank!
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muffnudge : hey Bull
cafranci : -25 windchill here in Ithaca
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