Kansas Visit Leaves An Impression

Josh Selby and his mother Maeshon Witherspoon knew that there was plenty of support for Kansas basketball. Last weekend, they found out first hand just how serious fans in Lawrence are about their Jayhawks.

Late last week, Josh Selby and his mother Maeshon Witherspoon boarded a plane in Baltimore and flew out to the Midwest. The point of their journey, an unofficial visit to Kansas so that the 6-foot-2 point guard from Lake Clifton High and his mother could check in on Bill Self and his Jayhawks.

According to Witherspoon, some of what they found out about Kansas wasn't what they expected.

"It was totally different than what I expected," said Witherspoon. "It definitely exceeded my expectations. I knew that they had fan support but I didn't know to what extend they supported the basketball program. I was very impressed."

"Josh was the same way. He was blown away and in awe of how the fans acted and how much support those guys have."

While other visitors arrived on Friday, Witherspoon and Selby got to town on Thursday evening with a plan in mind.

"The main thing that we wanted to do with getting there on Thursday, for me and Josh, was to spend some time with Coach Self and the staff," Witherspoon told Phog.Net. "We wanted to meet the academic guys and Josh wanted to get to know the players and spend time with them. He really wanted how they felt about playing for Coach Self."

From the sounds of it, Self left an impression on the explosive Selby.

"He thought Coach Self was very cool, easy to talk to," Witherspoon said of her son's interaction with the Kansas boss. "If he chose to go to school there, that's a coach he could see himself playing for."

Self wasn't the only member of the Kansas staff that left an impression. Witherspoon also brought up strength coach Andrea Hudy and how she not only discussed how they get players bigger and stronger, but demonstrated exactly how they do so.

Of course, Selby also had the opportunity to get to know the Jayhawk players.

"His host was Sherron Collins and they hit it off immediately," said Witherspoon. "Him, Xavier Henry, Tyshawn Taylor and also Thomas Robinson who is from DC, in our area, they all got along."

Looking at the on the floor product, Witherspoon can't help but see a team capable of big things and a coach who demands excellence from his players.

"I'm not going to lie to you, I see them with the talent they have there," said Witherspoon of the Kansas team. "I know right now everybody is 0-0, but with the players they have and the chemistry that they have, they seem like they should be in the national championship or at least the final four."

"We got a chance to watch them practice for real after it officially started. (Self) doesn't let you slack off and he gets the best out of you."

While the Kansas visit went better than expected, Selby and his mother aren't deviating from their original course of action. There will still be more visits -- dates yet to be determined -- to places like Kentucky, Syracuse, Baylor, Indiana and Miami but Witherspoon wanted to be sure that everybody knows her son hasn't made up his mind.

"Josh still wants to visit a few other schools. The main thing now is building that relationship with these coaches," said Witherspoon while pointing out how much her and Josh appreciate the schools and how they've handled his recruitment. "I think the biggest misconception is that we already know where we are going. That's just not true."

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