Two Down For Lamb

Doron Lamb is slowly working his way to a college decision. Last weekend, the 6-foot-4 guard made his second official visit as he tripped to Lawrence, Kan. to check out Bill Self and the Jayhawks.

Last weekend, Doron Lamb and his family took a trip to Lawrenece, Kan. for the 6-foot-4 guard's second official visit. Having previously visited Oklahoma, the New York raised Lamb who is prepping at Mouth of Wilson (Va.) Oak Hill and his family weren't quite sure what to expect on their official visit to Kansas.

"I didn't know what to expect," said Lamb's father Calvin. "We had just come from Oklahoma and knew how that was. It was different. Late Night was something special, different. It was nice."

Because their son is in his second year of being away from school, Lamb couldn't help but note that the trips are also nice because they give mom and dad some extra time with their son. As for Doron himself, the elder Lamb says that he was impressed with Lawrence and Kansas Basketball.

"He liked it," said Lamb of his son's visit. "He said that it was something different to see 16000, 16400 people or whatever it was giving him a standing ovation. That was something for him to see, that was something to see for me as well. For people to be outside for two days for a 20 minute scrimmage is something."

One of the most versatile guards in the class of 2010, Lamb is a guy that many people see playing multiple positions on the college level. It's certainly how Lamb views his son and it's a position that Bill Self and his staff seem to agree with.

"That's exactly what they say," Lamb told Phog.Net. "He's a multi positional guy. He can go one, two three, handle the ball and score. It makes him valuable in their system."

"That's one thing that I asked (Self). Will he open up and let Doron be free because he needs to get up and down. He said that he would let him do that, and if they do it, then Kansas could be good fit for him."

Lamb also pointed out that the family enjoyed their visit to Norman and saw some positives with the Oklahoma program.

"Oklahoma was nice too," said Lamb. "They are real family oriented down there. Capel keeps the guys together a lot. Doron needs a family away from family when he's at school."

With a visit to Kentucky scheduled for this weekend, there's a chance that Lamb may still take more visits. His father mentioned Connecticut, Arizona and St. John's as schools that may still get a visit and he also said that there's still a possibility that Doron won't make a decision in time to sign during the early signing period.

Whatever the decision is, and whenever it's made. It will be a group decision and the elder Lamb says that different members of the family may be looking at different aspects of the programs.

"I can't really say," said Lamb when asked what might push one school to the top of the list. "I just look at the programs and what they have to offer. Also the academic environment and what they have to offer. It's just a family thing, what I might see or don't see, somebody else might see or he might see it or his mother might see. We've got to stay open and look at all of it together." Top Stories