From Salthawk to Jayhawk

Hutchinson High has been undefeated up until this point in the season, and the games have not even been close. Yet there is a player on the team that thinks there is more work to be done for the 8-0 Salt Hawks.

"I'm definitely proud of what we've accomplished so far, but we're not playing at the level we're capable of yet."

Geneo Grissom, the 6'4" 225 lb. defensive end, has been the star player for the Salthawks with his dominant play on the field this season.  He committed to Kansas back in June, and he remains solid to the crimson and blue.

"It's nice because I really haven't gotten any phone calls or anything.  I'm 100% to Kansas and people know that."
KU linebackers coach Bill Miller (also the co-defensive coordinator) has been the leading recruiter for Grissom, and it does not hurt that Miller was a player at Hutchinson in his early years.

"Coach Miller and I have a little bit of a bond.  We can relate really well and he just showed a genuine interest in me.  He is an all-around great guy and I can always call him and let him know how I played.  He'll beat me to it sometimes and call first, and that shows me that he cares about what I'm doing on a weekly basis."

What was the selling point for the Jayhawks throughout Grissom's recruitment?

"The tradition is really neat.  I've been to a couple of games and I know the crowd out there is rooting for you all the way.  You wouldn't even be able to hear yourself think after you make a great play, and KU is just a great atmosphere."

When Geneo was asked how his season was going, he gave a modest response.

"I think things have been going well, but there is still room for improvement.  My strength is getting better, but I have to keep working."
Grissom might not be the biggest kid you will see lining up at defensive end, but he is certainly one of the most athletic.  Explosion off the ball and good lateral quickness are what make up for his current lack of bulk.  When the player with the ball sees #85 running after them, they know to "get out of Dodge".

Grissom wears #85 at Hutchinson, but if he had his choice, what number would he dawn at KU?

"I think they have a guy wearing it right now, but I have always liked the number 92," said Grissom.  We'll just have to see what happens."

With his recruitment over and his decision already made, one last question was asked of the defensive end that made him chuckle a little bit.  "Who are you looking forward to playing the most in the Big XII?"

"I can't wait to play Nebraska.  I worked at a country club in Hutchinson, and a lot of the members were Nebraska alumni.  They never let me live it down if KU lost a game and they gave me a bunch of crap about it.  If we beat Nebraska, it would be sort of like one of those I-told-you-so kinds of moments."

For now, Grissom has a goal in mind, and that is to win state.  Next year, when he switches from wearing blue and gold to blue and crimson, his goal will be to work hard and be the best player possible for the Jayhawks. Top Stories