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I just found out I am dating a Mizzou fan.

posted by Dgath

Last week I went on my first date with this girl and we've been on a few others since. We both go to KU. She's amazing, everything is clicking, and she just absolutely blows me away.

Last night, as I was driving her home...

Me: "So you going to the game on Monday?"

Her: "Yeah, it's gonna suck having to wait in line for hours and hours though."

Me: "Yeah, but it will be worth it. We're gonna kick the crap out of Missouri. They're not too good this year."

Her: "Well they aren't thaaaaat bad."

Me: "Ha! Yeah they are."

Her: "I know. Shut up."

(insert stunned silence here)

Me: "Wait.... what the hell? Are you a Mizzou fan?"

Her: "Ya, both my parents went there so I grew up a Missouri fan."

Agghhhh!!! I'm dating a Missouri fan?!? How awful is this! Honestly, the part that upsets me most is that it doesn't change my opinon of her one bit. What kind of a Jayhawk fan am I?!? Have I abaondoned my Jayhawk values? Is this going to change my views towards Missouri? Am I going to become pro-slavery? Is my diet soon going to consist of Natural Light and Cheetos?

Has anyone else go through this situation at one point or another? Who's married to a Tiger fan? Duke fans don't date North Carolina fans... do they?

I know the solution. If we can't take the Tiger out of them, we'll just have to breed it out!

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