Jeremy Case: I love Kansas

An interview with the combo guard.

McALESTER, Okla.—In his first-ever, interview with, Kansas signee Jeremy Case discusses his season, future in Lawrence and friendship with J.R. Giddens.

Case, a 6-foot-1, 160-pound senior, is a combo guard for McAlester High School, which is 14-2 this season and currently ranked No. 2 in Class 5A, behind John Marshall High School and the oft-injured Giddens. caught up with the soft-spoken Case at his McAlester home on Monday night, just moments after watching Kansas clinch a 76-70 victory over Missouri. So, how's your season going this year?

Case: "Everything's going good right now. We're playing really well as a team. Individually, I'm playing pretty good. I'm averaging about 24 or 25 points a game. I'm shooting it alright. I'm shooting something like 45 percent from behind the line (three-point range)." To date, what's been the highlight of your season?

Case: "Playing in the Tournament of Champions (Oklahoma's premier prep hoops tournament) in Tulsa. We lost two games there, but we learned a lot and grew closer as a team. It's was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the experience."

(Note: Despite the two losses, Case still earned all-tournament honors, after averaging 25.3 points and 5.6 rebounds in three games.) Both you and J.R. verbally committed to Kansas last April, some seven months before national signing day. Why the rush?

Case: "I really wanted to get it over with. I didn't want to worry about anything or deal with the pressure during the summer. I just wanted to play without worrying about coaches, but most importantly, I love Kansas. They're family-oriented and I like the fans a lot too." Why'd you pick Kansas?

Case: "My family really liked Coach Williams and the Jayhawks. They also liked that it's not too far away. I really wanted to get out of Oklahoma, but not too far." What are your thoughts on Coach Williams?

Case: "He's a great guy who makes me feel at home when I'm up there. It's like a home away from home for me." Who showed you around Lawrence during your visit?

Case: "Wayne Simien. We just kind of hung out most of the time. He's a nice guy who's easy to get along with. He's fun to be around." What other schools did you consider and why?

Case: "Oklahoma offered me a scholarship and so did Nebraska and Colorado State. I kind of compared them all to Kansas and it didn't seem like they were even close." From time to time, it's been mentioned that you might ask for a release from your letter of intent with Kansas to attend Oklahoma. Is there any truth to that rumor?

Case: "Absolutely not. I've never even heard that. There's no truth to that at all." How interested were you in the Sooners?

Case: "I was kind of serious, but I really wanted to get out of Oklahoma. I really didn't want to go to a football school where that's the main thing." When do you plan to move to Lawrence and what are your goals for next season?

Case: "I'll be up there on June 3rd for class and to start working out. My goal is to try and get a starting position. I see myself as a shooter who can provide some threes and bring the ball up if (Aaron) Miles wants to play the two-guard or something like that." Have you considered redshirting next season?

Case: "It hasn't been discussed. I don't really want to and they (Kansas) haven't mentioned it to me." What are your individual strengths and weaknesses on the basketball court?

Case: "I'm a good shooter and strong ballhandler. My weakness is probably my defense. It needs to get a lot better." Have you always wanted to play basketball at Kansas?

Case: "Not really. I used to want to go to North Carolina or Duke. I didn't start thinking about Kansas until the summer of my sophomore year." Do you have a favorite Kansas basketball player?

Case: "No, not really. I like Paul Pierce a lot. He's a good player. What basketball player can your game be compared to?

Case: I'm close to Jacque Vaughn, but he's probably a little quicker than me. I kind of play like him. I like to go up and down like that." As AAU teammates, you knew J.R. long before either one of you decided to attend Kansas, so what's your take on his recent legal troubles and injury problems?

Case: "I'm glad he overcame the legal stuff. Hopefully, he learned from that. I hope J.R. gets healthy soon, because he needs to start getting ready for next year. I know this year means a lot to him, but his future's more important than right now." What's your opinion of Kansas this year?

Case: "They're playing good right now. It seems like they need a little more depth right now, but hopefully they'll make it back to the Final Four this year. They're good enough to do it, they just have to play." Your dad, Win, was a standout point guard at Oklahoma State and now he's the head coach at Oklahoma City, a perennial NAIA power. What's it like being Win Case's son?

Case: "I guess it's alright. Everybody comes up to me and tells me to tell him ‘hi.' Some people say I'm better than him, but others say I'm not. I know he says I'm not sometimes, but it's pretty fun. Everybody knows him and all of his experience helps me a lot." What's the last movie you watched?

Case: "‘Maid In Manhattan' with Jennifer Lopez. It was pretty good. My girlfriend wanted to go see it, so I went with her. It was pretty decent." What are you listening to these days?

Case: A lot of old stuff like Tupac, especially "All Eyes On Me." I also listen to a lot of slow jams like Tyrese or K-Ci and Jo-Jo." We know J.R. visits, but do you?

Case: "I've haven't been there in awhile. I'll start doing it definitely now." Thanks for your time tonight and good luck. We'll be in touch again very soon.

Case: "No problem, sounds good." Top Stories