Gaining Momentum

Canadian import Mo Walker is gaining a lot of steam as a prospect. The 6-foot-10 center will visit Kansas in December. Phog.Net checks in with Walker for the latest.

It's never easy leaving home, but Mo Walker felt that it was something that he needed to do. A native of Toronto, the 6-foot-10 big man felt that he needed to come to the states for his senior year in order to face better competition and prepare himself for college.

So far, he's happy with his decision.

"In Canada there weren't many players to play against with my size and skills so I could dominate," said Walker "I felt that I needed to come to the states and play against other players that were good so I could get more of a challenge."

"I feel that I'm improving every day. Coach Smith has us working hard at Brewster Academy. Every day we have to go hard no matter what, it has helped me a lot."

A throwback type player, Walker is a true center. He plays with his back to the basket, uses his size to seal off defenders and does good work on the glass. He's sure with the ball and has soft touch thanks to a pair of great hands. Most importantly, he understands that his strength is as a back to the basket power player so he doesn't waste much time trying to play out on the perimeter like so many young players.

"My strengths are that I'm back to the basket guy who can finish, rebound and change some shots," said Walker of his game. "I think I'm a pretty good passer and a leader too. I need to work on my athleticism, getting up and down the floor, getting off the floor. I just want to get better all around."

Not surprisingly, Walker has attracted the attention of many college basketball programs. At this point, though, he seems to be focusing on a pair of schools.

"Pittsburgh and Kansas are the main two right now," Walker told Phog.Net. "I'm going to visit Kansas on December 18th and 19th. I'm looking to seeing what they have to offer just like I saw with Pitt."

Walker admits that he is pretty fond of the Jamie Dixon's program at Pitt and many expected that he would sign there in the early signing period. But, Walker and his family felt that the timing wasn't quite right.

"I talk to my parents a lot and my father told me to hold off a bit and go out on a couple of other visits," said Walker about his decision to wait. "I really like Pitt a lot, but I've got to go see some other schools."

As for Kansas, Walker says that he doesn't know as much about the Jayhawks as he'd like to. Growing up in Canada, he didn't have as much exposure to college basketball as kids in the states, but he's learning.

"I don't know as much as any American would know, but I know a little bit," said Walker about the Jayhawks. "I know at Kansas that they get guys to the NBA. Cole Aldrich has improved a lot and they've got a guy like Danny Manning working with the bigs. They also go to the tournament every year."

For now, Walker is looking forward to his visit to Lawrence and continuing to work on his game. He says that he's in no rush to set up other visits or make a decision on where he'll be making his next move to. When he does decide, though, he'll be looking at the usual things.

"The atmosphere, the coaching staff what they have to offer me will be important," said Walker of making his college choice. "Are the players and coaches going to make me feel at home?" Top Stories